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Business schools are ideally placed to be the nexus between government, business and civil society in shaping a collective response to our most critical challenges.

Motivated to address the most pressing needs of society and enabled by digital innovation, business schools have been redefining the boundaries of their work. Many are at the forefront of efforts to rethink business as an engine of innovation for tackling the grand challenges of society. Similarly, business education has been on the front lines when it comes to the fault lines of globalization, pressing forward with international collaboration, global recruitment, and cross-cultural education. GBSN Beyond is about the bold efforts of leading business schools to move beyond business and borders to positively impact society and generate inclusive and sustainable growth. There are many obstacles to leading the transformation of business education—its infrastructure, traditions, and culture were built for previous industrial revolutions, not the fourth one. Meanwhile, nation states have been more inclined to take care of themselves and close their borders than to bear the load of global leadership required to address the most important issues, such as climate change. This conference aims to help schools to overcome these challenges.

The biggest disrupter of the last century was not industry specific nor selective in its interruption. Some of the loudest pre-pandemic forecasts all came to bear in an accelerated fashion as Covid–19 wreaked havoc around the globe. Inequality in global supply chains, access to healthcare, agriculture and food security, all emerged in a perfect storm to expose our shortcomings. These events exacerbated by war and the trajectory of nationalism, have left us with much to do. What is clear is this: If we just improve access to what already exists, we are not doing enough. A siloed approach to this confluence of challenges will be a dereliction of our collective duty. The ways in which we collaborate, do, and teach must change if we are to promote peace and diplomacy, advocate for globalization, and respond to climate change. As leaders in business education this is not only our responsibility but a task fully within our abilities to lead. This is at the heart of GBSN Beyond. This unique international forum is designed to facilitate thinking beyond one institution and focuses on developing collaborative solutions and more robust and resilient systems.We will confront these challenges together –– in-person and online.

A vibrant hub of exchange, learning, collaboration and discussion.

The COVID-19 pandemic compelled us to acknowledge a global need for cooperation as existing inequalities present multiple challenges. In order to create a space to tackle these critical challenges, GBSN Beyond was born in 2020. As GBSN enters the 20th year since its founding, we continue to learn, grow, and evolve through partnership with our members. GBSN Beyond –– an evolution of The Annual GBSN Conference –– is in its third year and serves as a premier international forum that convenes over 2,500+ registrants online and over 150 participants in-person from over 35+ countries. With an innovative approach to what a conference can be, GBSN Beyond provides a variety of engaging learning experiences, knowledge exchanges, and opportunities to network and connect with colleagues from across the globe. 

GBSN Beyond features three parallel track experiences delivered virtually during the month of October, leading up to a 3-day conference. This year, the parallel track experiences will be held virtually and the 3-day conference Nov 7-9 will be in-person and accessible online. These track experiences are designed to engage Learners, Educators, and Leaders. The conference offers a program of keynotes, panel discussions, lightning talks, networking activities, and more. Go Beyond the ordinary and join us as we convene to develop actionable solutions.


University leaders, including Rectors, Deans, Directors and Administrators from developed, emerging and frontier markets.


Professionals from industry dedicated to addressing economic and social challenges effectively and efficiently.


Professionals from industry, aid organizations, and civil society dedicated to addressing economic and social challenges effectively and efficiently.

Hear from top leaders in academia, business, civil society and government.


3 Parallel Track Experiences

Educators Track

Featuring the Microsimulation Development Lab

for scholars, lecturers, trainers, and university faculty across disciplines who want to connect with like-minded colleagues on teaching innovations, research and pedagogy needed serve communities and develop talent the world needs now.

Learners Track

Featuring the Social Logistics Challenge

for graduate and undergraduate students from relevant disciplines, professionals and lifelong learners who are committed to reskill, innovate, upskill, collaborate and are interested in making an impact in their community.

Leaders Track

Featuring the GBSN-EFMD Going BEYOND Awards

for professionals who lead organizations  in academia, government, business and civil society who are interested in cultivating talent needed to tackle today’s problems and collaborative initiatives that deliver solutions.


November 7-9, 2022 I Amsterdam & Rotterdam, The Netherlands

This year GBSN Beyond will deliver a variety of engaging learning experiences, knowledge exchanges, and opportunities to network and connect with colleagues from academia and industry from across the globe though an innovative hybrid environment. Historically, GBSN’s Annual Conference has been hosted at member institutions around the world. Our pivot to a virtual conference in 2020 allowed us to be more inclusive and engage a wider and diverse audience. As travel restrictions begin to ease around the world, we are taking everything we learned from our past virtual conferences and past in-person conferences and employ them to deliver GBSN Beyond Together In-Person & Online.

The in-person conference will be hosted in the cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam co-hosted by the Rotterdam School of Management and LUISS Business School. Leading academic faculty, leaders and administrators, professionals from industry and civil society are invited to join us in-person in The Netherlands.

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