Ellevate Leadership Training Program

GBSN and Ecobank partner to launch the Ellevate Leadership Training Program, welcoming a cohort of 40 African women.

Purpose Driven

This Leadership Training program is being delivered to an initial cohort of 40 top tier Ellevate customers from 10 African countries: Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Josephine Anan-Ankomah, Group Executive, Commercial Banking, Ecobank, said: “Ecobank launched Ellevate to serve and nurture the success of women-owned and women-led businesses by providing them with a comprehensive suite of financial and non-financial solutions. It aims to help them reach their full potential and increase their commercial and economic impact.”

Empowering Women Leaders

This is a unique training program designed and delivered by the Ecobank Academy in partnership with GBSN and supported by its members: AUC School of Business, INSEAD Africa Initiative and INSEAD Emerging Markets Institute (EMI), Lagos Business School, MIT Sloan Global Programs, Stanford Seed, and the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business.

GBSN Member Participating Institutions


Identify and work on key leadership challenges.

Master leadership perspectives – reframe challenges with a growth mindset

Think strategically to advance individual and corporate objectives

Build resilience – effectively manage stress, uncertainty, and setbacks.

Leverage on action learning to identify new business opportunities and improve other areas for business growth.

Gain a complete view of themselves as leaders.

Effectively lead high performance teams.

Uniquely Pan-African Program

We have built a holistic leadership development program to deliver quantifiable gains for African Women SMEs

  1. Access leadership competencies
  2. Define expected outcomes
  3. Develop leadership skills
  4. Action learning and track progress
  5. Reinforce continuous learning

Statistics from the participants of the Ellevate Leadership Program

Statistics from the participants of the Ellevate Leadership Program

Design a robust and world-class program with:

  • Specific learning objective and expected outcomes
  • Robust competencies that look at 360 leadership
    • Leading Self
    • Leading others
    • Leading SMEs
    • Enable communities
  • Apply a robust selection criteria to have the best cohorts of 30 women leaders each time
  • Go through a structured 6-phase program
  • Have action learning/ business project as an integral part of the learning

Module 1

Learning Objectives and Outcomes


Emotional Intelligence & Leadership

Define and practice self-management, self-awareness, self-regulation, self-motivation and empathy

Learn the core skills required to practice emotional intelligence

Have an accurate picture of individual strengths and areas of development

Recognize and consciously use emotional data to create and maintain productive workplace


Leading with Authenticity

Learn how leaders can bring their whole self to their jobs

Foster authentic behaviors to have an engaged and motivated workforce


Define Your Strategic Leadership Approach

Provide strategic direction and mobilize others to collaborate

How to have lasting commitments from teams when executing strategic objectives

How to deal with multiple stakeholders

How to strategically lead a team in unpredictable environments by balancing tensions and paradoxes

Module 2

Learning Objectives and Outcomes


The Three Lenses

Improve at inspiring and promotion a vision

Master how to persuade and motivate others for results

Learn how to delegate effectively


The Three Lenses

Make better decisions and plan strategically

Define a structured decision-making process

Know when and how to involve others in the decision-making process

Understand how problem-solving approach can lead to successful decisions and solutions


Negotiation for Results

Have a holistic understanding of negotiation

Understand your strengths and development areas as a negotiator

Master proven and practical negotiation skills

Recognize and respond to different negotiation styles and techniques

Module 3


Leaders as Coaches

How to achieve results without the traditional command and control practices

Understand different styles of Coaching and how, where and where to use them


Sustainability and Leadership

Understand how purpose drives enterprises value chain

Understand how environment, sustainability and governance are key to company results

Embrace global-view of leadership context, its requirement and impact on leadership teams

Identify sustainability growth opportunities within existing markets

Importance of sustainability in maintaining enduring business


Innovation Partnerships and Collaboration

Value of collaboration and why its is key to the business success

How to identify fitting and innovative partnerships for your business

Inspire culture of collaboration at workplace

Assess and determine impact (or value add) of the existing partnerships


  • Deborah Ancona

    Seley Distinguished Professor of Management, Professor of Organization Studies, Founder of the MIT Leadership Center at the MIT Sloan School of Management
    MIT Global Programs
  • Dr. Catherine Duggan

    Director (Dean) University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business
    University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business
    South Africa
  • Roberto Fernandez

    William F. Pounds Professor in Management Professor, Work and Organization Studies
    MIT Global Programs
  • Randa A. Kinawi

    Certified Facilitator Psychometric Assessments Coach Associate Certified Coach MBA
    AUC School of Business
  • Margaret Ann Neale

    The Adams Distinguished Professor of Management, Emerita
    Stanford Graduate School of Business
  • Sonali Rammohan

    Evaluation and Learning Lead
    Stanford Seed (Stanford Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies), Stanford Graduate School of Business
  • Vinika D. Rao

    Executive Director, INSEAD Emerging Markets Institute, Gender Initiative & Africa Initiative; Director, Hoffman Global Institute for Business & Society, Asia; Adjunct Professor,
    Singapore Management University
  • Michelle Thomas

    Business Transformation Advisor
    Stanford Seed
  • Ezinwa Uchora Udoji

    Senior Lecturer, Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management
    Lagos Business School