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Esade in the Spotlight again at 4YFN, Leading Discussions about Sustainability and Technology

With the slogan “Connected Minds. Leaders of Green Futures”, Esade leads the 4YFN GreenTech vertical during the fair’s 10th edition, and confirms the business school’s commitment to the need to urgently address today’s environmental and social challenges.

For the eighth year running, Esade is the official academic collaborator at 4 Years From Now (4YFN), the benchmark world congress for enterprise and innovation, within the framework of the Mobile World Congress. With the slogan “Connected Minds. Leaders of Green Futures”Esade will lead the 4YFN GreenTech vertical at this year’s 10th edition, February 26-29 in Barcelona, which will attract entrepreneurs, start-ups and executives with links to this ecosystem. Esade’s participation is a clear declaration of their commitment to urgently tackle environmental and social challenges, and foster responsible business practices to build a more sustainable future.

“In a world redefined by technology and sustainability, there is a crucial need for aware, responsible leaders. At Esade, we’re committed to the development of professionals and entrepreneurs able to understand and seize the opportunities of AI and other disruptive technologies, and become agents of change that help build more sustainable, ethical and equitable societies,” explained Xavier Mendoza, director general of Esade.

Energy transformation, sustainability, talent and AI

As part of 4YFN, Esade will be holding several sessions and taking part in discussions that address issues such as energy transformation together with students and participants in Challenge Based Innovation (CBI), a venture created by @IdeaSquare and the CERN department of innovation along with the Esade Fusion Point to develop prototypes for delivering solutions to challenges facing humanity, such as how to improve air quality; and present ideas for a greener world by means of a panel organized in conjunction with the Esade Entrepreneurship Institute (EEI) and the Esade Center for Social Impact (ECSI) where enterprise joins forces with social impact to help build a sustainable world.

Esade experts will also analyze how to design and implement effective AI strategies to position organizations at the forefront of innovation and competitiveness. They will also discuss how to achieve sustainable machine learning during a round table where experts from Esade and other institutions will consider the necessary balance to ensure that AI is used responsibly and to avoid adverse environmental outcomes. Within this framework, another panel organized by Esade will discuss the need to combine talent and corporate success, and how sustainable companies are more able to attract the best talent.

The common good: Esade’s commitment to education

Collaborating with the 4YFN GreenTech vertical is a demonstration of Esade’s commitment to inspiring future leaders through a well-defined vocation for social impact that raises their awareness and enables them to transform society and companies, taking advantage of the full potential of AI and new tech developments to drive progress and the common good.

This vocation underpins the evolution of academic programs and the creation of new courses such as the Bachelor in Artificial Intelligence for Business, the Bachelor in Transformational Leadership and Social Impact, the Master of Science in Sustainability and the Esade Executive Education Sustainable Management and Agenda 2030 program, designed to prepare executives for making an impact in both the creation of new companies and the transformation of existing companies whilst effectively addressing the ever-changing demands of the job market. Esade has also adapted their current academic programs to transversally embrace sustainability, and has rolled out more subjects covering different dimensions of this field.