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WiBE Associate Deans Global Convening

Join WiBE (Women in Business Education) for their First Virtual Associate Deans convening! WiBE Associate is for advanced women leaders looking to propel their career growth trajectory. In WiBE Associate, you will always know that no matter what is happening, you have a global community that always has your back.

In WiBE Associate you will:

  • Meet women just like you, around the globe, working on similar challenges and on their own leadership journey.
  • Access relevant workshops and resources tailored specifically for women deans at the senior levels of their career
  • Build deep and enduring connections by being matched with peer groups that meet monthly all year long
  • Be in the driver’s seat to disrupt the status quo to the “same old same old” leadership in business education

Women who are current or former Associate, Vice, Deputy and Assistant Deans are eligible to join WiBE Associate.

To learn more, visit: https://wibenetwork.com/associate