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New Member Spotlight: CUHK Business School

Institution Profile

CUHK Business School

Hong Kong SAR


CUHK Business School offers a wide range of undergraduate, master, and PhD programmes. It is the first school in Asia offering a full suite of BBA, MBA and EMBA programmes and is accredited by AACSB and AMBA. Four pillars underpin the School’s operations – innovation, global perspective, Greater Bay Area connector, and social purpose, and it strives to develop global business leaders for the Asian Century.

Current and Pending Accreditation(s):

Prof. Lin Zhou

GBSN Ambassador:
Prof. Seen-Meng Chew, Associate Dean for External Engagement

Current Partnerships with GBSN Members:

  • Antai College of Economics & Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University – Student Exchange
  • Copenhagen Business School – Student Exchange
  • Darla Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina – Student Exchange, Joint Degree Programme
  • ESADE Business School – Student Exchange
  • ESSEC Business School – Student Exchange
  • George Washington University School of Business – Student Exchange
  • Gustavson School of Business, University of Victoria – Student Exchange
  • HEC Montréal – Student Exchange, General Collaboration
  • HEC Paris School of Management – Student Exchange, Dual Degree
  • IE Business School – Student Exchange, Dual Degree
  • Indian School of Business – Student Exchange
  • Ivey School of Business, Western University – Student Exchange
  • Johnson School of Business at Cornell University – General Collaboration
  • Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University – Student Exchange, Dual Degree
  • SKK Graduate School of Business – Student Exchange, General Collaboration
  • Stephen M. Ross School of Business, University of Michigan – Student Exchange
  • University of St. Gallen School of Management (SOM) – Student Exchange

Network Engagement

Ways the institution will support the GBSN mission to improve access to quality management and entrepreneurship education for the developing world:
The growth and development of the region over the past several decades has been widely analysed and documented. Hong Kong itself was part of the rise of the Asia’s Four Little Dragons. It has also played a significant role in China’s economic development over the past decades as the country rises to become the world’s second largest economy. It is the number one financial market for Chinese companies to raise funds overseas.

A leading higher education provider in Hong Kong, CUHK Business School has contributed to the development of AP region’s business talents and leaders. The School’s history and its teaching and research output have equipped the School with unique offerings to the GBSN network; such experience and expertise could be shared via a wide range of activities which GBSN organises as well as through collaborations with individual GBSN members though joint teaching programmes, research projects, student/staff exchange, bespoke collaborative programmes, joint events, to name a few.

Institutional Contributions to the Network Platform in the First Year:
We have joined GBSN at a time when every aspect of life has been affected by Covid-19. However, we believe in the values of global collaboration and global impact generated through a network platform such as GBSN. During the first year, we plan to participate in a range of GBSN activities to introduce the School to the GBSN community and vice versa, to engage with GBSN members individually and collectively, and to explore and identify potential areas of collaborations with enthusiasm and curiosity.

Institutional Engagement with Fellow GBSN Member Institutions:
CUHK Business have already partnered with several GBSN member institutions and are keen to engage with members whom we have not worked with so far. We’d be interested in sharing our research expertise and teaching focus with GBSN members and in exploring and identifying areas that are mutually beneficial and complementary which help achieve not only individual institutions’ mission but also that of GBSN. For example: 1. Themed research projects 2. Co-organized activities and events 3. Exchange activities for students and staff (both faculty and administrators) 4. Co-developed programmes or courses 5. Joint funding applications.

“GBSN is a great platform for CUHK to work with many leading business schools in promoting responsible business education around the world and making contribution to the development of a global economy in which people of all countries can share wealth and prosperity. We are proud of becoming a member of the GBSN community.” – Prof. Lin Zhou, Dean

The biggest challenge facing management in your community and how the institution addresses this challenge:
Businesses need certainty to evaluate their markets, predict the future, make and implement plans. However, the Hong Kong business community has to deal with a significant level of uncertainties over the recent years from social issues to public health threats.

We believe helping businesses remain in the know is the best way to help them weather through challenging times – we share our research findings publicly through a wide range of channels, including our own China Business Knowledge platform. We also organise webinars and events and disseminate publications to reach audience in the business community who may otherwise have little access to our knowledge and expertise. Furthermore, as our alumni are often key members of the local business community, we engage them directly to share insights and offer life-long learning opportunities. For example, the annual alumni event, Global Alumni Forum (GAF), invites globally renowned speakers to have direct dialogues with CUHK alums; during the Forum which took place in 2020, business and academic leaders were invited to share their insights on how business would recover, rebuild, and reinvigorate amongst the challenges the world is currently witnessing.

Apart from what we think the business community need from an institution like CUHK Business School, we also proactively engage with them to discover business challenges they are facing and help them tackle those individually. From project collaboration to events where a platform is provided for constructive discussions to take place and ideas to be exchanged.

Beyond the above, we look at the big trends and provide services to businesses and/or help businesses understand such trends – e.g. the business potential in China’s Greater Bay Area, special trade zones, fintech subjects, logistics, entrepreneurships and social enterprises, etc. Take the current pandemic as an example, the biggest crisis the world has witnessed in recent decades, CUHK Business School’s Asia-Pacific Institute of Business (APIB) has taken up the challenge in stride and continues to co-create innovative solutions and new values with the business community and other international business schools. It designs executive programmes customised for overseas business schools and for local and national organisations and delivered online or through a hybrid mode. Lectures, workshops, group discussion sessions, and even corporate tours have been conducted virtually. In response to the increasing demand on trainings in the field of digital economy, APIB designs ‘Digital Leadership Series for Executives’ where participants could opt for face-to-face or live virtual classes, take part in thought-provoking discussions and case studies, and interact with guest speakers; different elements have been woven together to help learners understand relevant challenges and how to leverage on the emerging technologies and grow their businesses. Beyond the live online programmes, APIB has also developed a series of self-paced online executive courses such as: “Intrapreneurship and Disruptive Innovation”, “Winning with Digital Leadership”, and “Emerging Technologies for Business.” To ensure the local business community could benefit from the wide range of programmes offered by the School, APIB’s programmes are available through the government’s training funding scheme which aims to support corporates’ training needs when they balance those with a constraint budget.

Programs Highlight: Impact Investment Programme, Business Sustainability Index Projects, and Energising the Hong Kong Economy with Innovation in the Digital Age

Impact Investment Programme:
Co-organised by APIB of CUHK Business School and the Rustandy Centre for Social Sector Innovation at Chicago Booth, the Hong Kong Jockey Club Programme on Social Innovation was firstly offered in 2018. The programme comprises a four-part workshop to engage impact investors, NGO executives, family offices, and other stakeholders. Through interactive virtual content, attendees are equipped with the frameworks, skills, and networks crucial to making impactful investment decisions. Topics included: investment, social impact, and philanthropy.

Business Sustainability Index Projects:
While continuing the compilation of the Hong Kong Business Sustainability Index (HKBSI) and Hong Kong SME Business Sustainability Index (HKSMEBSI), we extended the sustainability index projects to cover Hong Kong listed companies with operations in the Greater Bay Area (GBA) that are eligible for southbound trading under the Stock Connect scheme. As a result, the Greater Bay Area Business Sustainability Index (GBABSI) was first launched in 2020, a composite score of the annual sustainability performance of the 67 Hang Seng Stock Connect Hong Kong Greater Bay Area Index (HSSCBBA). In 2021, we are going to introduce the Greater China Business Sustainability (GCBSI) Index covering 200 listed companies from HSI, FTSE TWSE Taiwan 50 Index, Shenzhen 100 Index and Shanghai Stock Exchange SSE 50 A Share Index. The launch of this consolidated business sustainability index will not only encourage and motivate companies in the region to integrate CSR initiatives into everyday business, but also serve as a robust indicator for ESG investors in selecting companies with socially responsible corporate behaviour.

Energising the Hong Kong Economy with Innovation in the Digital Age
In 2020, we conceived the “Energizing the Hong Kong Economy with Innovation in the Digital Age through the Establishment of a Corporate Innovation Index” project. The project aims to promote both technological and non-technological aspects of corporate innovation culture and enhance corporate innovation capabilities and achievements in both large and small companies in Hong Kong through the establishment of measurement instruments assessing innovation capabilities and achievements of individual companies based on a conceptual framework for innovation at Hong Kong companies. While different innovation measurement tools exist, they mostly emphasise R&D expenses and patent counts, rather than data collected from actual innovation assessments of corporations. As a first-of-its-kind project in Hong Kong, the conceptual framework and measurement instruments will be constructed from the literature review, industry consultations and communication forums. As a result, the data collection and statistical analyses will produce the Corporate Innovation Index (CII) which should be invaluable to local corporations and policymakers. The project will also include a series of public seminars/webinars and workshops to improve awareness and understanding of corporate innovation at the public and corporate levels.

GBSN promotes the expertise and interests of our members by providing a platform to communicate news and open opportunities to global audiences and share how they are innovating in management education to the benefit of their colleagues around the world. The New Member Spotlight series serves as a way for new member schools to introduce themselves to the network.