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New three-day sustainable finance course takes on rapidly changing landscape

A new short course in Sustainable Finance UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School is aimed at helping financial services professionals acquire the new skills and knowledge necessary to capitalise on the growth opportunities presented by a rapidly changing financial landscape. The highly practical and intensive three-day course runs from April 9th to 11th next and will cover ESG governance issues and reporting, sustainable finance and investing, and climate risk management among other key topics.

The new course is particularly timely both in light of the government’s ambition to establish Ireland as a global hub for sustainable finance and the urgent need to tackle the climate emergency. “Banks and financial institutions are increasingly recognising the importance of sustainable finance,” says Julie Byrne, associate professor of finance at the school.

“We’ve all seen the extreme weather events like storms and floods around the world which have been increasing with alarming frequency and there is a growing realisation that a tipping point has come. Governments around the world are committed to the transition to net zero and regulatory bodies in Ireland and globally are placing greater emphasis on sustainability and integrating ESG factors into financial regulation. Financial institutions must comply with evolving regulatory requirements related to sustainable finance to avoid penalties and maintain their competitiveness.”

Read the full article here. This article first appeared in TheIrishTimes.com on March 7th, 2024.

Applications for the Sustainable Finance short course are now open. For more information, contact exec.dev@ucd.ie