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Reflections from the AABS Connect 2017 Conference

I had the pleasure of attending the 12th African Association of Business Schools (AABS) Conference in mid-May at the American University in Cairo (AUC). This year’s AABS conference convened close to 80 participants to contribute and reflect on the theme of “African Business Schools: Advocates for Better Business.”

Amidst the growing confusion, uncertainty and tension settling in around the world these days, it is was very reassuring to take part in pointed discussions addressing how Business Schools can continue to reinforce the competitiveness of African businesses and help shape a better future. The discussions may have been specific to the challenges and opportunities in Africa but the call for action surely applies to the world. To quote AABS’ outgoing Chairman, Dr. Edward Mungai: ” Business schools should create leaders who are socially innovative (É), leaders who are more effective and efficient and who can come up with sustainable value creation whose benefits accrue primarily to society rather than to private individuals.”

In my role as Network Engagement Officer at GBSN, it is quite an honor for me to work alongside dedicated leaders in business education who not only share a commitment to excellence but also make it their mission to expand opportunities. Attending AABS conference was also an excellent opportunity for me to personally meet some of our members and learn more about their different initiatives. Nothing like a great forum to feel like we’ve known each other forever and will continue to work hard together to increase access to quality business education.

I could not end this blog without another a thank you note to our gracious hosts at AUC School of business whose dedicated team ensured we felt at home on their beautifully campus. And what an impressive campus! My trip to Egypt was truly a memorable experience. I look forward to continued collaboration with our members and with AABS. Fabienne Jolivert is the Network Engagement Officer at the Global Business School Network