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Business Opportunities, Growth, and Strategy in the Spotlight at the First Esade Entrepreneurship Summit

“Learn from mistakes, and you will go faster.” This maxim, from David Casellas, CRO and partner at Borneo and co-founder of Pridatect and Red Points, joined by Patrick Bales, founder and CEO of Stoyo, kicked off the first edition of the Esade Entrepreneurship Summit, two days of discussions on the various stages of entrepreneurship and company financing. The event was jointly organized by the Esade Entrepreneurship Institute (EEI), which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this academic year, and eWorks.

In the panel on growth management and how to scale companies and foster sustainable growth, Timo Buetefisch, co-founder and CEO of Cooltra, explained how he got the idea of founding his company and discussed the process of expanding into other cities, such as Paris. “It usually takes us about two years to turn a profit in this process,” he said. He was joined by Jan Reichelt, founding partner at 10xFounders, who said that the key to growth is “making optimal use of investment” and “dividing the growth process into stages.” Also present was Fiona Garvey, CEO of Softonic, an idea that began as a final degree project and today has more than 50 million downloads per month in multiple languages.