Action-Oriented Entrepreneurship Training to Foster an Entrepreneurial Mindset Among Students in East Africa and Other Regions of the World

Do you want to create impact and reduce poverty with the help of entrepreneurship? STEP and PI are evidence-based, action-oriented and most importantly effective entrepreneurship trainings that have been implemented in 18 developing and emerging countries over the past ten years. In collaboration with local partner institutions, the trainings were realized in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

The programs shape participants’ entrepreneurial mindset to be proactive and persistent. Rigorous research has proven their impact on fostering entrepreneurship, and we are convinced that it is time to scale up tremendously. We are currently looking for new partners, sponsors, and supporters on our exciting journey!

Need more inspiration? Read about the success story of Alex, Charles, Daisy, Edwin, and Nick. In 2018, they wanted to relieve themselves from the unpredictability of the Kenyan labor market. In the course of the entrepreneurship training program STEP, they were empowered to act on their vision to create the sustainable travel agency YANA Trekkers, which has been growing ever since.

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