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My Time at GBSN as a Communications Intern

 width=Though I have studied at American University in Washington D.C. for two years, I hadn’t stayed in the city for the summer until this year. I made a deal with myself that there was only one way I would stay in D.C. instead of returning home: if I got an outstanding internship.

When I stumbled upon GBSN’s internship opening, the communications and event planning position appeared, for lack of a better word, perfect. I am currently studying journalism and international relations, and my interest in international development seemed like a picture-perfect fit. I instantly applied.

Fast-forward a few months and my first day at GBSN arrived. I met my supervisor Nicole, who was a wonderful mentor from the very beginning until the very end. She introduced me to all the different programs I would be working with and the daily tasks I would have throughout my internship. But perhaps the best part was that Nicole gave me the option to choose which tasks I enjoyed the most, and then would assign them to me. I learned all about web design, social media, international communications and marketing.

What I noticed right away was that the entire GBSN team is extremely supportive of their interns, and always assigns important tasks that truly foster growth in the workplace. There are no coffee runs, you are not asked to make copies or answer phones. You are asked to contribute to the real important work that is produced by all three departments at GBSN.

I was fortunate enough to intern at a very exciting time. Everyone was planning the upcoming GBSN annual conference, Intersections of Business Education and Economic Development. With so many people coming from around the world, fantastic keynote speakers and an engaging agenda, helping the communications department during this time was an extremely valuable experience.

GBSN’s founder and CEO, Guy Pfefferman was also retiring, so I was around to hear about the process and ultimate selection of the new CEO, who plans a bright future for furthering GBSN’s mission.

I couldn’t be more grateful for all the lessons I’ve learned from the amazing GBSN team during this summer. Thanks for everything!

Ana Tarlas was the Communications and Event Planning Intern during Summer of 2017. She is an incoming Senior at American University majoring in Journalism with a minor in International Studies.