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Until We Meet Again

lisa-leander_newIn late October of 2008, almost 8 years ago exactly I started a new job at GBSN. I was hired to work on a recently awarded initiative to start a new business school in Karachi, Pakistan under a two year contract. At this point it was just a dream of a group of businessmen in Pakistan and my role was to oversee a yearlong strategic plan to bring this idea to fruition.

Whenever our interns leave GBSN upon completion of their internship, we always ask them to post a blog about their experience. I guess it is finally my turn. After traveling to 13 countries, helping start 2 business schools, planning 8 international conferences, 2 international summits, running 30 webinars and growing the network to 71 business schools, there are untold amazing stories a single blog couldn’t even begin to cover.

Autumn is the season of change in Washington DC, when the muggy humid summer turns to cooler temperatures and colorful bright leaves appear. It is also the time of thanksgiving. So for my parting blog, I would like to focus on what I am so thankful for these past eight years.

Our Leadership
It was amazing to work with someone with so much passion and energy for his work. Many folks can’t think of GBSN without thinking of Guy Pfeffermann. You won’t be surprised to hear there are few people in this town who don’t know Guy. He has built more than an institution he has created a family. It has been an honor to be a part of it. I hope, together, we have built the foundation to continue to carry out this important work.Our Members
I am so fortunate to work with so many business school faculty and administrators passionate about making the world a better place. You inspire me. You are what I will miss the most and why I love coming to my job each day. Go out there and make change. Innovate. But most of all, share what you have discovered with others through networking and collaboration.Our Staff
If I could give our team a motto, it would definitely be, “we may be tiny but we are mighty”. Each of us everyday gives everything to our jobs, and we work closely together to bring exceptional events, webinars, programs and communications to the network. We have worked together for so long we (almost) can read each other’s mind. Thank you for being flexible with me for juggling an international career and two toddlers. Thank you for sharing your talent, skills and friendship.Our Mission
We wouldn’t be here without such a powerful purpose of increasing access to quality management and business education in the developing world. We have seen the impact of our programs and the potential for change. It was inspiring this past week in Accra, Ghana to see partnerships being built, ideas put forward and the overall energy and excitement for our mission.

When I started eight years ago, the Karachi School of Business and Leadership in Pakistan was an idea on a few pieces of paper. Today, KSBL has a new modern campus with lecture theaters and state of the art classrooms. KSBL now offers an MBA, Executive MBA and Executive Education programs.

My two-year strategic planning assignment at GBSN turned into many more years of programs, conferences and travel. Yes, Autumn certainly is a time for change and thanksgiving.

Thank you all for an exceptional eight years.

Until we meet again,

Lisa Leander