Global Entrepreneur in Residence Program


Fall Program (Oct 27 – Dec 8 2021)

Spring Program (February – April, 2022)


Emma Martens


The GBSN Global Entrepreneur in Residence (EiR) Program is a new collaborative effort with Lancaster University Management School. An initiative, built on the success of the initial pilot, is designed for graduate and undergraduate students and faculty to work closely with Entrepreneurs in Residence from different GBSN Member schools. The program is designed to help students and faculty improve communities through the research they do and the training programs they conduct.

GBSN Entrepreneurs in Residence have a wealth of experience in facilitating the development of innovative ideas, new venture development and advising innovators across industries. The Global EiR program aims to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset, develop soft skills, and potentially take new ventures to market.

The long-term goal of this program is to cultivate a global pool of entrepreneurs that GBSN member schools students and faculty can engage with. 

Program Benefits

  1. Interact with startups internationally, experience their process and challenges
  2. Interact with different elements within the entrepreneurship ecosystem
  3. Explore entrepreneurial challenges and opportunities in respective regions and on a global scale 
  4. Examine and analyze emerging online business models and digital marketing tools

Program Outcomes 

Speaker Series

Guest speaker executives and entrepreneurs from successful startups are invited to speak and answer questions about their inventions.

Comparative Analysis Presentations

All research will complement each other to give a full view of the industry’s challenges, opportunities, solutions and growth plan and to be presented in a final online event that will be open to the public.

Mentoring and Advisory Services

A hallmark of the EIR program is mentoring and advisory meetings between students and entrepreneurs in residence. Faculty members can also participate in advisory meetings with EiRs.

Students will receive certificates of participation in the international program from the partner entities. 

Program Structure 

Students from different GBSN member schools will be selected to participate in 6 virtual sessions that will take place over 6 weeks. All communications and sessions will be through Zoom links generated and managed by GBSN.  Selected students will be placed in teams of 2-4 for the course of the program. Teams will work together on the program assignments and final pitch presentation. 

The Entrepreneur in Residence leading each program cohort will introduce the predetermined field and provide an overview of the industry, in addition to sharing his or her entrepreneurial story. Two assignments will be requested from each student team, in addition to the final presentation. 

Guest speakers will be invited to various sessions. Guest speakers will be industry experts, entrepreneurs and professionals working in the same field.

Participation & Eligibility

Please note, this program is reserved for GBSN member schools only.


GBSN Member school faculty can sign up to participate in a program cohort. Expectations include program curriculum review, session lectures, advisory sessions with EiRs.

A CV and expression of interest should be included with the online application.

Entrepreneur in Residence

Sign-Up to be an Entrepreneur in Residence and participate in a program cohort, advise and mentor faculty and join the global pool of entrepreneurs and industry professionals.

A CV and brief written bio should be included with the online form.


Graduate or undergraduate students from GBSN Member schools are eligible to apply to participate in the program.  Students from all disciplines are welcome.

A personal statement should be uploaded with the online application form.


Fall Semester 2021: October 27 – December 8

Fall 2021 Cohort Schedule: Informal Economies

Wednesday, 27 Oct (8:00am – 9:30am ET) I Introduction to Program

Wednesday, 3 Nov (8:00am – 9:30am ET)   I    Week #2: Fundacao Dom Cabral (FDC), brazil

FDC is recognized as Latin America’s best business school for 16 years and one of the world’s 10 best business schools in 2021. The Pra>Frente program is an FDC’s initiative that provides training in management and entrepreneurship for the bottom of the social pyramid. In association with companies, civil society and public administration, FDS brings its leadership, experience and expertise to create a network of prosperity that changes the lives of individuals and ecosystems where they live.

In this session you will learn about Pra>Frente’s proprietary methodology, all the lessons learned since its creation and the vision of the program from the perspective of participating entrepreneurs.

Ana Carolina Almeida, Associate Dean at FDC and Head of Pra>Frente program

Gabriela Reis, Associate Professor at FDC and at Pra>Frente program

Wednesday, 10 Nov (8:00am-9:30am ET)   I   Week #3: BRAC University, Bangladesh

Wednesday, 24 Nov (8:00am-9:30am ET)   I    Week #4: Athena School of Management, India

Wednesday, 1 Dec (8:00am-9:30am ET)   I    Week #5: National University of Management  University, Cambodia

Wednesday, 8 Dec (8:00am-9:30am ET)  I   Week #6: Final Session LIVE PRESENTATION