Delivering Regional Instruction Vital to Entrepreneurial Success (DRIVES) Belarus

Expanding the private sector in Belarus though improved access to high quality entrepreneurship education

The Delivering Regional Instruction Vital to Entrepreneurial Success (DRIVES) program aims to increase access to and the quality of business education throughout Belarus by building the capacity of institutions to provide relevant and target entrepreneurial courses, providing geographically dispersed and financially accessible educational opportunities to entrepreneurs in the regions outside of Minsk and by creating networking and mentoring opportunities for young entrepreneurs.

To accomplish this goal, DRIVES has organized several activities throughout Belarus including:

  • Training faculty members at IPM Business School in new instructional design
  • Developing new relevant business courses
  • Building Centers of Entrepreneurial Excellence in Brest, Gomel, Grondo, Mogilev and Vitebsk
  • Converting traditional courses to blended and distance learning models with the use of modern video conference solutions
  • Hosting monthly networking opportunities throughout the country for young entrepreneurs
  • Organizing annual Start-Up competitions

DRIVES is a partnership between USAID, PYXERA Global, GBSN and IPM Business School in Belarus.