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Woxsen University Established an Educational Excellence and Innovation Centre

An Advisory Board, student teams, and various projects were taken up, focusing on the core pillars of Woxsen:

  1. Internationalisation
  2. Research
  3. ERS (Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability)
  4. Corporate Alignment
  5. Entrepreneurship
  1. Educational Excellence and Innovation Advisory Board (Internationalisation and Entrepreneurship) and Student Innovations Team:

The prime goal of the Board would be to provide insights on how to develop effective learning environments, critical thinking, fostering ethical & humanitarian values and pedagogical innovations.

The Board members are a mix of Industry experts, Senior Academicians, and pioneers in the field of Diversity and Inclusion.

In order to empower the learners, with a holistic skill set, the Board will: 

  • Identify the skills required 
  • Analyse and Understand the existing challenges, and 
  • Develop a Learner-centered education model.

This will help explore new and more nuanced ways for greater engagement with the learner community, improving curricular innovations. 

Apart from the Board, a Students Innovation team has been formed, which will work closely with the Board members, implement the strategies and share their views and ideas with the Board.

  1. Focus groups for ERS, Corporate Alignment & Research:

These groups are formed:

– to ensure that intellectual contributions impact the world of practice while adhering to sustainable practices and addressing societal exigencies and practice research;

– To foster societal impact through activities that enhance ethical behaviour, community engagement and environmental sustainability and create a culture that fosters diversity, equity and inclusiveness in the local community

– providing an agile adaptation to the industry demands

  1. Global Leadership Program (Internationalisation):

This program is in collaboration with PUCPR, Brazil, ESDES Lyon, and Montana State University Billings, USA. Each University will shortlist 10 candidates will undergo this program from the UG Level in the last year of their degree. Each University will lead 12 ECTS in a segment of 6 – 8 modules with practical hands-on exposure.

  1. Social and Environmental Sustainability Squad (ERS):

The purpose of forming this SES Squad is to deal with community-based social problems, develop & change rural areas, and promote a sustainable, collaborative community. It will address a broad range of social and environmental sustainability issues, and promote education, research, and intellectual debate about sustainability.

  1. The Indian Diaspora Council:

The purpose of this council would be to connect the Indians overseas who have considerably added to knowledge, innovation and development across the globe by making significant contributions to their countries of residence, and to help in bringing the best practices to the home country.