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Zhejiang University Celebrates 120 Years of Excellence

 width=Zhejiang University celebrated its 120th anniversary on Zijingang campus on May 21st 2017. Government leaders, distinguished alumni, guests from partner universities, faculty and students attended this historic event.

JIN Deshui, Secretary of CPC Committee of Zhejiang University, presided over the celebration. CHE Jun, Secretary of Zhejiang Provincial CPC Committee, WU Zhaohui, President of Zhejiang University, LIN Jianhua, President of Peking University, Robert JONES, Chancellor of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign delivered keynote speeches and expressed their sincere wishes.

Over the past 120 years, Zhejiang University has always followed the motto of “seeking the truth and pursuing innovation”. And in the future, the University will continue its work to becoming a world leading university under the motto.

As a part of 120th anniversary celebration of Zhejiang University, ZJU Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum was hosted by the School of Management on May 20th. The forum was consisted of six sections, which were: Opening Ceremony, Keynote Speech, Entrepreneurship Experience Shared by Alumni, ZJU Entrepreneurship Declaration By Young Entrepreneurs from Five Continents, Launching Ceremony of ZJU Innovation & Entrepreneurship Education Fund, Roundtable Discussion.

Keynote speeches were given by Mr. WANG Jianzhou, a distinguished alumnus from industry, and Professor ZHANG Shoucheng, a successful entrepreneur and the academician from Stanford University, and also Professor WU Xiaobo, Dean of the School. After that, two alumni who successfully run their start-ups shared their entrepreneurship experiences. Followed by the Launching Ceremony of ZJU Innovation & Entrepreneurship Education Fund, young entrepreneurs from five continents issued the ZJU Entrepreneurship Declaration. The Forum was ended in the roundtable discussion on How to Build Ecosystem of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.