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Dr. Marcus Kölling Appointed Chancellor and CFO of HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management

As of July 1, 2018 Dr. Marcus Kölling was appointed the Chancellor and CFO of HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management. Dr. Kölling entrepreneurial experience and knowledge of business and academia is what ultimately led him to this position.

Dr. Marcus Kölling completed a dual program at Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Stuttgart. He received a degree in business administration (Diplom-Kaufmann) from HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management. He also obtained his doctoral degree from Vienna University of Economics and Business with a dissertation on intercultural knowledge management in eastern and western Germany. For seven years, he managed the family-run business Kölling Group. The organization specializes in manufacturing, selling and offering services around glass and glass insulation products.

Aside from his duties as a Chancellor, Kölling hopes to contribute to the digitalization and change of the region and shift the topic of entrepreneurship from the idea to start a business to company succession in the federal state of Saxony.