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ESADE’s Unique Approach to International Entrepreneurship

Version 2Start-ups are the beating heart of entrepreneurship around the globe. Many of the top ranked MBA programs provide high quality education for entering the established world of business, but it takes true creative ingenuity to prepare students to be their own masters. ESADE pays special attention to early-stage companies and has crafted innovative programs to immerse their students in the “startup garage”.

Enrollment in an ESADE MBA program is quite selective, about 25%, and year-to-year class averages round out to roughly 170 full-time MBA students. While the student body may be small it boasts incredible diversity with students from 40 different nationalities. This diversity produces a truly international cohort that brings a myriad of perspectives and global insights to the classroom. ESADE currently hosts 70 startups on site, which directly involves students in the management and incubation of nascent companies.

ESADE has also set up the Action Learning Consultancy Project, ALCP. During this three-month program students will develop consultancy-style solutions to real world challenges being faced by the on-site startups. These and other innovations in the curriculum have mad ESADE’s MBA particularly successful in preparing students for the ever-growing start up market.

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