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ESCA Ecole de Management Recognized by the Moroccan State

Casablanca, Morocco — The Kingdom of Morocco has recently reached an important reform in higher education by conferring the State recognition to very few private institutions in highly regulated domains (Architecture, Health & Medicine, Engineering and Management). This institution’s level qualification was launched in 2015 in order to acknowledge the academic excellence and intellectual contribution of independent schools and universities. It comes in addition to the programs’ accreditation process initiated in 2012.

ESCA Ecole de Management is one of the 8 prestigious institutions that got this recognition in early April. A first in Morocco!

ESCA was first awarded by the State Accreditation in 2012 for all its programs after achieving successfully the Accreditation process.
The State recognition reflects the compliance of the pedagogical model of the school with the highest national standards. It also opens new horizons in the job market to its graduates by giving them the right to work as civil servant or to joing State owned companies.

This disctinction from the Ministry of Higher Education strengthens the position of ESCA Ecole de Management in Morocco and Africa as the 1st Business School in French speaking countries in Africa and Morocco by various international rankings1.

On one hand, it confirms the reputation that the school has been enjoying among students, employers and alumni. On the other hand, it reinforces its national and regional leadership based on the academic excellence and the relevance of its scientific production.

About ESCA Ecole de Management

Founded in 1992, ESCA Ecole de Management is a reference of Higher Management Education Morocco and Africa. The school has more than 3,600 alumni and trains each year more than 1,100 students, executives and managers from 27 different nationalities.

ESCA Ecole de Management has an international network of 88 academic partners and is member of 6 international organizations dedicated to education and academic excellence in Africa and internationally (AABS, AACSB, EFMD, GBSN).

ESCA is also member of QTEM Ç Quantitative Techniques for Economics and Management È that regroups 19 of the best Business Schools from 5 continents.

ESCA Ecole de Management is ranked 1st Business School by various international rankings nationally and in the French Speaking countries in Africa (Jeune Afrique N¡2806 et Eduniversal 2016).

In line with its mission, ESCA Ecole de Management also distinguishes itself by areas of research covering geopolitics / geo-economics, innovation and entrepreneurship in emerging markets.

In the same perspective, ESCA Ecole de Management has launched INSEAM with Grenoble Ecole de Management gathering 13 business Schools from 10 countries in Africa in order to support quality management education on the continent.

With 5 leading institutions from Africa, ESCA has initiated the AAAE Ç African Academic Association on Entrepreneurship È with the purpose of promoting and developing academic cooperation between the African business schools.

Press Contact:
Loubna Assabbab
Email: lassabbab@esca.ma
Website: www.esca.ma