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7th International Conference for Entrepreneurship for Sustainable & Impact (ESI) – Redefining Business in the Era of AI Revolution 

Date and Time

23 – 26 November, 2024

Conference Theme

Redefining Business in the Era of AI Revolution

Conference Overview

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has fundamentally reshaped and redefined the business landscape, profoundly altering the way people think and approach problem-solving in various industries. In recognition of this transformative period, we are excited to announce the call for papers for our upcoming 7th International Conference of Entrepreneurship for Sustainability & Impact (ESI) titled ‘Redefining Business in the Era of AI Revolution’. This conference aims to bring together leading academics, industry experts, and innovative thinkers to explore the profound impact of AI across various sectors. We welcome submissions that not only address the technological advancements in AI but also delve into its broader business, economic, social and ethical implications. Our conference features diverse tracks, each focusing on a specific domain where AI is making significant inroads, ranging from climate change solutions and the circular economy, to AI’s role in logistics, entrepreneurship, digital finance, retail, auditing and fraud, and even its influence in higher education. This conference presents an unparalleled opportunity to showcase research, exchange ideas, and foster collaborations that will drive the future of business in the age of AI. Join us in this intellectual journey to explore and shape the evolving landscape of AI in business.

Conference Key Topics

  • AI and Entrepreneurship: Unveiling the Role of AI in New Business Ventures
  • AI and Environmental Sustainability: Solutions for Climate Change and Circular Economy
  • The Economic and Societal Dimensions of AI: A Comprehensive Impact Analysis
  • Revolutionizing Supply Chain Management with AI Innovations in Logistics
  • Transforming the Financial Sector: AI’s Impact in Banking and FinTech
  • AI in Marketing and Digital Business: Shaping the Future of Customer Engagement and Online Retail
  • Advancements in Audit and Accounting: AI’s Role in Enhancing Accuracy, Reducing Fraud, and Improving Efficiency
  • The Future of Business Education: Exploring AI’s Influence in Higher Education
  • Strategic Adaptation and Management: Navigating Organizational Change in the Digital Era
  • Case Study: Real-world applications and success stories.
  • General Track: A diverse range of topics including AI & Ethics, AI in the Energy Sector, and emerging technologies.

Even though we are interested in abstracts on the conference theme, we welcome submissions on topics within the broader business research.

Who Should Attend

Representatives from all countries and institutions of all types and missions including:

  • Higher education faculty members from all disciplines
  • Graduate and undergraduate students preparing to become professionals – joint proposals from graduate/undergraduate students and their faculty mentors/advisors are welcome
  • Instructional technologists, course designers, and faculty developers
  • Higher education executives, administrators, and managers

Representatives from businesses and governments 

Conference Registration

Fees: Qatar University supports the ESI 2024 conference by covering the registration fees. However, prior registration is mandatory to attend the conference.

Notes: All paper presentations will take place in person and on-site. At least one author must register and attend the conference in person to present.

Publishing Opportunities

After a peer-review process, the best papers from the ESI are expected to be published in:

Conference Proceeding

The conference proceedings will feature a concise abstract of each presentation, accompanied by a focused exposition of the research’s societal impact, limited to 200 words each. These abstracts and impact statements will be published together in the ESI2024 conference proceeding, offering a comprehensive overview of the research and its relevance to broader societal concerns.