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GBSN Welcomes Three New Schools

GBSN is proud to announce the acceptance of three new schools into our network. We welcome Leuphana University of L┬čneburg, University of Management and Technology: Pakistan, and Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business to our expanding list of world-class member schools.

GBSN works with our member schools to build management education capacity for the developing world through cross-border networking, knowledge sharing and capacity building programs to strengthen local business education. For faculty, students, businesses, NGOs, foundations and governments, GBSN is a resource for innovation, collaboration and growth. By fostering these connections, GBSN helps schools and faculty at different stages of development learn from one another. This dynamic network catalyzes new ideas, cultivates partnerships and disseminates knowledge around the globe. Network activities include:

  • GBSN Annual Conference and Members Meeting
  • GBSN Summits
  • Webinars
  • Panel Discussions and Special Events
  • Online Community
  • Working Groups
  • Peer Mentoring

GBSN activities provide a multitude of online and live networking and learning opportunities for management educators to connect and advance their knowledge and careers.

Leuphana University of L┬čneburg is dedicated to addressing the problems and challenges of civil society in the 21st century and promoting a humanistic, action-oriented and sustainable approach to higher education. Leuphana focuses on four science initiatives: Sustainability Research, Management and Entrepreneurship, Cultural Research, & Education Research. Leuphana places particular reliance on a broad-ranging change in perspective by questioning presumable settled knowledge in teaching, scientific day-to-day operations, and in research.1310_logo_leuphana_neu_print

“With our sustainable, yet holistic approach, we are certain to make a positive impact on members and the GBSN all together, not just to further advance the knowledge and research at our university, but of management education worldwide, affecting change in the developing world.”
– Prof. (HSG) Dr. Sascha Spoun, President of Leuphana University of L┬čneburg

Their Faculty of Business and Economics is mainly concerned with the conditions that allow value creation through entrepreneurship from the perspective of different disciplines. Leuphana is very familiar with global educational formats and has offered MOOCs regarding sustainable city development, negotiation and cultural management.

The University of Management and Technology School of Business and Economics is a research-intensive private university dedicated to academic excellence. They are a growing institution aiming to evolve as the leading community for the purpose of integrated development of the society by actualizing strategic partnership with stakeholders, harnessing leadership, generating useful knowledge, fostering enduring values, and projecting sustainable technologies practices.umt_logo_pk

“There is a lot that a business school can do by retaining boundaries and working inside but there is a lot more that a business school can do for itself as it crosses boundaries and borders and seek linkages and partnerships with others├ëIt has been the long standing aim of SBE to join the very distinctive and select group of institutions under GBSN.”
– Dr. Hasan Sohaib Murad, Rector

Their programs are geared to equip future leaders, professionals and executives with the knowledge, technology, skills and insight essential to make a difference in organizations. The graduates are trained in a multitude of fields such Marketing, Management, Human Resource Management, Supply Chain Management, Information Systems and Finance. The School of Business and Economics at UMT is a long-standing member of AACSB, EFMD, ABEST, AMDISA, and AMDIP.

The Indiana University Kelley School of Business is one of the top globally ranked management education programs and brings a great track record to our network. They currently partner with the USAID, US Department of State, Middle East Partnership Initiative, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, and many more organizations with a global reach that help the advancement of international cooperation. Their Global Social Entrepreneurship Institute brings undergraduate students from 13 European nations to IU each summer. Furthermore, the Global Business Institute brings 100 Middle East, North African, and Near Asian college students to IU for a month-long entrepreneurship program.kelley-school-of-business

“├ësuccess is dependent on connecting people across the globe, providing opportunities for cultural understanding, and instilling a strong foundation in communication and successful business practice├ëI stand squarely behind this membership application and give our full support to the Kelley School’s participation in the GBSN.”
– Dr. Idalene F. Kesner, Dean

The Kelley School also hosts a 2-week residential program that focuses on international business and less-commonly-taught languages and cultures for American high school students. They are an ideal institution to leverage specialists in these areas to contribute to the development of young global leaders and instill a global mindset though dynamic programming.

GBSN is excited to welcome these three new institutions to our network. With the addition of these new schools, the network is made up of 77 members in 34 countries.