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INSEAD and Johnson & Johnson Run Education Programs for Innovative Healthcare Delivery

GBSN member school INSEAD and GBSN partner Johnson & Johnson and its registered charity Johnson & Johnson Corporate Citizenship Trust (the Trust) share a long-lasting passion for developing effective health care approaches including educating those who manage them. The Trust runs over 70 active programs across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. With INSEAD, a Flagship partner for the Trust within its 2020 strategy, they have developed three different programs to address the challenges of innovation and creative thinking to transform health care solutions.

Innovating Health for Tomorrow

Innovating Health for Tomorrow is designed to assist senior managers in the field of healthcare services with being more innovative and finding creative solutions. Experiential exercises help participants to develop their own creative ideas while understanding the concepts of innovation. Another focus is set on creating sustainability and exploring the role of marketing in healthcare. INSEAD’s long experience of teaching innovation for healthcare professionals and lead to the establishment of its unique ‘Renaissance Innovation method’ for developing new business models that work.

The key benefits of the program are:

  • advancing innovation skills in order to maximize the potential of staff
  • understanding the concept of service operations and acquire the appropriate tools to rethink business models for health
  • learning how to implement measurable and sustainable improvements in patient care or community health

During the two five-day modules participants will explore ways of innovation and creative thinking to be applied to their own services. The modules are schedules approximately three months apart with pre-program preparation, follow-ups and a report after the end of the second module.

Middle East Health Leadership Program

Effective health care consists out of more than the technical medical expertise. Most importantly it requires good leadership, decision-making skills and a constant search for innovation. The Middle East Health Leadership Program will provide educational experience that train (aspiring) senior managers to take on leading roles in the challenging world of health care. Different techniques, strategies and concepts will be discussed and implemented for improved and efficient performances.

The participants can expect the following benefits:

  • advancing innovation skills in order to maximize the potential of staff
  • getting to know multiple aspects of service operations: patient flow design, key process levers to improve value, quality and delivery of healthcare
  • harnessing useful formal techniques for implementing change and innovating healthcare delivery

The program is led by INSEAD faculty members and associates which offer an insight into the latest business theories and frameworks for international management. Next to case studies, discussions/lectures and simulation exercises, the program includes a highly interactive group-learning component where the participants work on finding innovative solutions for effective healthcare delivery.

Strategic Innovation for Community Health

The Strategic Innovation for Community Health program addresses senior healthcare managers working in the field of chronic diseases and family medicine. It supports workers coming from medical, health education and public health background facing increasing management responsibilities and the challenges of developing new healthcare service approaches. The demand of a shift in healthcare services towards better integration of primary, public acute and tertiary care has lead to the design of the program which provides insights into: the innovation of healthcare and prevention services; innovation as a discipline; the effective implementation and adaptation of strategy; and new approaches to “systems thinking”.

The key benefits from the program are:

  • advancing innovation skills in order to maximize the potential of staff
  • understanding service delivery and key levers to improve value, quality and delivery of healthcare
  • implementing innovation as a practical and useful systematic processes for healthcare service innovation that adds value for patients
  • communicating service innovations and improve patient engagement effectively

The program lasts three months with prior reading and course materials for preparation. Participants will have to be freed one day per week from their workplace to work on their high-impact project. Upon completion a certificate is awarded by INSEAD.