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Iscte Business School is part of the Positive Impact Rating Again

The Iscte Business School (IBS) is among the business schools in the world that positively impact society, according to an evaluation made by the students themselves. Considered for the third year in a row as a “transforming” school – equivalent to the fourth level out of five – IBS earned 7.7 points, in a scale from 0 to 10, in the Positive Impact Rating – PIR. More than 12 thousand students from 75 schools in 25 countries participated in the fourth edition of this international rating. This year 127 IBS students participated in a survey conducted by Iscte Junior Consulting. The survey included 20 questions on seven dimensions integrated into three areas: Energizing, which assesses the students’ view of the institution’s management, Educating, which refers to the teaching methods and training offer, and Engaging, referring to its model and public recognition. The rating recognizes in its report that Iscte Business School “has been registering an annual improvement in the PIR rating, which shows a growing recognition of the school’s efforts by students. Also mentioned as an example of this effort is “the school’s desire to match academic tasks with societal challenges”. In order to assess how business schools contribute to solving challenges facing society and how they contribute to change, the PIR was created by experts from higher education institutions in the field of economics, finance and business sciences, together with Non-Governmental Organizations. The rating is supported by international associations: AIESEC, Net Impact, VIVA Idea, The Institute for Business Sustainability Foundation and Fehr Advice.