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UCD’s Dr. Penelope Muzanenhamo selected to Empower 100 Future Leaders Role Model List

The Empower 100 Future Leaders Role Model List was released on the 24th of May 2023 celebrating inspirational individuals who are driving the inclusion of people of colour across organizations. Selected to the list is Dr Penelope Muzanenhamo who is Assistant Professor in Marketing and Society at UCD College of Business, which is an interdisciplinary role combining Marketing scholarship with societal concerns and Critical Management Perspectives.

“I am honoured to be included for the first time in the Empower 100 Future Leaders Role Model List alongside a group of such inspiring and impactful individuals from across the world, who are championing the inclusion and success of people of colour across organizations” said Dr Muzanenhamo. “However, this selection is reflective of the work of many great colleagues within UCD and the broader academic community, family and friends who have gone above and beyond to ensure that I realise my potential. Through their dedication, humility, and relentlessly facilitating my professional growth, they have all been my role models, and they continue to be my sources of strength and inspiration.”

“I take this opportunity as well to salute my adoptive Austrian father and family who chose to create a difference through me. This selection to Empower 100 Future Leaders Role Model List is a testimonial to the potential better futures that we can all create for others, ourselves and the world if we walk and work together,” concluded Assistant Professor Muzanenhamo.

A member of the UCD College of Business Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee, and Global Strategy Engagement Group, Penelope played an instrumental role in articulating UCD’s racial justice campaign.