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New Member Spotlight: Universitas Gadjah Mada


Institutional Profile

Universitas Gadjah Mada

Dean: Eko Suwardi, Ph. D.
GBSN Ambassadors: Kusdhianto Setiawan, Ph. D., Vice Dean for Assets, Finance & Human Resources and Prof. Mahfud Sholihin, Ph. D., Vice Dean for Academics and Student Affairs
Accreditations: AACSB and National Board Accreditation

With its 5500 students ranging from undergraduate, master, and doctorate program, FEB UGM has 13 study programs which covers 3 programs: Accounting, Economics, and Management.

FEB UGM states its vision “to be the leading faculty of economics and business in Indonesia by rising to international challenge” and its mission as “Enriched by our vibrant international network but rooted in local wisdom, we develop leaders with the integrity and knowledge needed to serve society. Our contribution to the advancement of knowledge is through quality research and teaching”.

FEB UGM commits to develop leaders who serve the society. It is aligned to GBSN’s mission. Hence, it underlies the reasons for FEB UGM to join GBSN. As an example, starting from 2018, FEB UGM applies new approach in curriculum, called FEB Excellence (FEB X) which will give students the opportunities to engage more to the industries which at the ends will give contributions to the society.

Current Partnerships with GBSN Members

WU – Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria

  • Joint Summer Program; faculties, students, and staff exchange program

SKK University, South Korea

  • Students exchange

Leipzig University, Germany

  • Students exchange

Network Engagement

As a start, FEB UGM will actively join the program conducted by GBSN and encourage its faculty members to participate in the case study teaching and writing, circulate and promote the information regarding students’ or faculties mobility and to attend events held by GBSN.

FEB UGM will contribute in the experiences sharing, participation in the events, and participation in the case writing.

Institutional contributions to the network platform in the first year

FEB UGM seeks the opportunities for knowledge sharing (e.g. in the form of case teaching & writing). FEB UGM seeks the opportunities for experience and practice (e.g. faculty mentoring & training, students’ scholarship, experiential learning program, professional development). Opportunities for strategic partnership.

The biggest challenge facing management in your community and how the institution addresses this challenge

Regarding Human Capital

Today’s business and education environment places school of business in a challenging situation as the result of 4.0 digital era. It happens as most millennials now are more challenged to create business, especially startup business, instead of pursuing higher education in college. Millennials’ characters of being risk-taker are most often lack of consideration of the need to have enough academic background.

FEB UGM answers those challenges by establishing and maintaining its industry networks in which it will provide students first hand experiences of the real industry.

Regarding internationalization

FEB UGM needs to expand its network among partners to be able to increase the numbers of mobility students (for both incoming and outgoing students).

FEB UGM commits to develop leaders who serve the societies. It is aligned to GBSN’s mission . Hence it underlies the reasons for FEB UGM to join GBSN.

– Eko Suwardi, Ph. D., Dean

Program Spotlight

Economics and Business Research and Development Agency (EBReDA), a research and training unit at FEB UGM, conducted research on the amount of illegal tobacco excise in Indonesia. The research was conducted in 2018 in cooperation with Directorate general of Customs and Excise, Ministry of Finance, Republic of Indonesia. The finding was then proposed as a new law to fight the tobacco illegal excise.

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