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New Member Spotlight: Zhejiang University International Business School

New Member

Zhejiang University International Business School

Zhejiang University International Business School (ZIBS) was founded on the Zhejiang University (ZJU) International Campus at Haining in November 2018 to facilitate academic and corporate exchange between the West and the East. ZIBS has accelerated ZJU global initiatives and is set to become a leading global business school in the era of the new economy. Headquartered in the Yangtze River Delta, a hub of innovation and one of the world’s most dynamic regions, ZIBS’ vision is to become a leading global ecosystem with business education as one of its core pillars, with a particular focus on new technologies, new economy and new finance. We believe that by successfully fulfilling our responsibilities as global educators, new generations of business leaders and entrepreneurs will in turn fulfill their social responsibilities and contribute to the wellbeing of business and society.

Dean: BEN Shenglin

GBSN Ambassadors: SHEN Li, Director of External Collaboration

Emerging Markets Institutions or Center:

Academy of Internet Finance: brings together the research strengths of the University’s broadest areas of expertise in Economics, Law, Management, Mathematical Sciences, Computer Science and Technology, and Public Administration, as well as domestic and international scholars, policy makers and industry experts to construct an interdisciplinary and globally focused FinTech research ecosystem. We have established several research hubs which focus on Internet finance from a variety of perspectives. (http://www.aif.zju.edu.cn/)

Fintech Research Center of the People’s Bank of China: missions of the center are to undertake relevant research tasks of the Financial Technology Committee, track the latest trends of fintech development in China and aboard, carry out the theoretical and application research and technology verification in the field and promote the transformation of fintech research results. After joining the research center, ZIBS and related research institutions promote continuously cooperation and development around national financial needs, collaborative innovation around key financial application scenarios, and jointly train talents around future financial strategies.

Fintech Research Center with Ant Group: focusing on financial technology, data security and intelligent computing, the research center jointly established with the Ant Group has carried out several cooperative research projects. Combining the advantages of Zhejiang University’s scientific research talents and Ant Group’s technical experience, we hope to collide and accumulate more research and cultivate excellent talents for Hangzhou’s financial technology development.

International Research Center for Hidden Champions: at a time when Chinese manufacturing is facing unprecedented global competitive intensity, focusing on the cultivation and sustainable growth of invisible champions in the new era is an important aspect of upgrading the industrial structure of Chinese manufacturing and moving towards a manufacturing power. It is the first international research center for hidden champions operated by a university in China.

Think tank research base for new social strata in Zhejiang Province: gathered many high-level experts from ZIBS and from the Institute of Innovations, it’s the first think tank research base focusing on new strata in China and it’s also an important platform for government-industry-university-research cooperation.

Institute of China Studies: aspires to educate students through interdisciplinary curriculum and in-depth field research in contemporary China’s political, economic, historical, and societal context. The ICS offers various class organization forms, allowing students to work analytically and gain a well-round understanding of China, via lectures, seminars, tutorial session, online class, office hour and field trips. Within the first semester of the academic year, students are encouraged to set up effective academic mentorship with ICS’s advisors to receive further information and guideline for academic plan. The primary instruction language is English, with a rigorous Mandarin curriculum serving as an additional component to enhance students’ Chinese proficiency. (https://csp.intl.zju.edu.cn/)

Current Partnerships with GBSN Members:

On July 12th, at the University of Macao, Michael Hui, vice rector of UM and interim director of the Asia-Pacific Academy of Economics and Management; Ben Shenglin, dean of ZIBS; and Pan Shiyuan, associate dean of Zhejiang University’s School of Economics, signed a framework agreement on the establishment of the Joint Research Center for Financial Innovation. We hope to combine our academic strengths and resources to carry out innovative research in the areas of financial innovation, in order to extend the frontiers of science and technology and to promote each other’s research and technological development in related scientific fields.

Network Engagement

Ways the institution will support the GBSN mission to improve access to quality management and entrepreneurship education for the developing world:
Based on Zhejiang Province, one of the most dynamic regions of innovation and entrepreneurship in China, ZIBS embraces and embodies the future. ZIBS will support the GBSN mission by sharing our experience and expertise in various fields, especially our philosophy of doing business in China with the focus of fintech. Thanks to our partnerships with top Chinese tech companies such as Alibaba, Ant Group, we hope to bring Chinese experience to all the member of the GBSN to establish in-depth exchange and collaborations with top business schools in the world

Description of how the institution plans to contribute to the network platform in the first year:
ZIBS will engage our faculty and students to participate in GBSN’s various projects and to share with other member schools our experience and expertise in different fields such as doing business in/with China, fintech innovations, business & data analysis, etc. ZIBS would also like to share ZIBS’ events (especially topics related to China’s Insight, Digital Economy and Transformation) on GBSN’s platforms so that all the member schools could learn more about China.Besides, ZIBS also plan to attend the GBSN Annual Conference in November and Cross-border collaborations on Thursdays.

“We are very honored to be a member of GBSN! By joining the network, we hope to expand our ecosystem by connecting with top business schools in the world. This reflects our 5″i”: international, interdisciplinary, innovative, inclusive and integrative. Committed to be an active member, we will also engage our students and faculty members to participate in GBSN’s various projects. Benefit from the network and contribute to GBSN’s missions which are shared by ZIBS.”

BEN Shenglin, Dean of ZIBS

Description of ways the institution hopes to engage with fellow GBSN member institutions:
ZIBS is interested to explore potential international collaboration opportunities focusing on degree level and study abroad for our both graduate and undergraduate students.Besides, ZIBS will encourage our faculty and students to take active part in research projects and learning communities with member schools. We are particularly interested in interdisciplinary projects, and we hope to make connections with world’s best business schools through the network. ZIBS is ready to offer webinars, arrange seminars and roundtables with fellow member institutions.

The biggest challenge facing management in your community and how the institution addresses this challenge:
The effects of COVID-19 are being felt across industries and across nations, having both immediate and lasting impact on our daily lives and the way we conduct our business. Most international students are not able to study in China and it may postpone their graduate date. The international student courses have shifted from in-person to 100% remote, and ZIBS is looking for international companies to place the student for internship abroad.Nowadays, technology innovation and entrepreneurship play an essential role in the growth of China. Located in Zhejiang province which has very strong private economy power across the country, ZIBS has various resources and has built up our unique ecosystem with different organizations such as Beijing Frontier Institute of Regulation & Supervision Technology (FIRST), Zhejiang University’s Academy of Internet Finance (AIF), Zhejiang Association of FinTech (ZAFT), etc.One of ZIBS’ strength is our expertise in fintech and we have included it in our curriculum, and we have also launched a dual master’s degree program in fintech with the Chinese University of Hong-Kong with the purpose of expanding the space for cooperation in talent training and of promoting the growth and development of the financial technology ecosystem in different ways.Moreover, according to the Global Fintech Hub Report 2021 that our Dean BEN Shenglin released at the China International Fintech Forum 2021 on September 3rd, 2021, Hangzhou is the top7 fintech hub city among more than 80 cities in the world. As the capital city of Zhejiang province, Hangzhou welcomes lots of entrepreneurs which contributes significantly to China’s digital economy. ZIBS is very close to these entrepreneurs and emerging companies and seeks opportunities to collaborate with companies as well as institutions to combine academic strengths and resources advantages.

Innovative and Impactful Program

Our international MBA program is dedicated to developing leaders who can envision and implement original business concepts. Scholars and students of diverse backgrounds benefit from the collaborative learning environment, world-class research and academic theory which is integrated with business practice.

Zhejiang University International Business School (ZIBS) is pleased to partner with Ant Group, a leading global technology firm headquartered in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province. Ant Group is a technology company that brings inclusive financial services to the world. Officially founded in October 2014, Ant Group originated from Alipay, founded in 2004. With the mission to “bring the world equal opportunities”, Ant Group is dedicated to creating an open, shared credit system and financial services platform through technology innovations, and to provide consumers and small businesses with safe and convenient inclusive financial services globally.As a strategic supporter of the iMBA Program at ZIBS, Ant Group provides access to expertise and corporate executives who help ensure the relevance of the program to the needs of the business community and unique insights about developments in technology which are transforming the way we do business globally. Through this partnership, students enrolled on the full-time iMBA program also have the opportunity to engage in an individual professional project as a formal part of the program, further deepening their professional experience.Besides, we also have a Master of China Studies (MCS) program which is a MA-level degree program with a strong focus on China’s economic, cultural and societal context. Zhejiang University is the first university in China recognized by Chinese Ministry of Education to grant a master’s degree in China Studies. And ZIBS, partnering with the Institute of China Studies, infuses business trends into the longstanding China Studies program. The interdisciplinary curriculum allows students to work analytically, and to gain an in-depth understanding of China. ZIBS provides academic support, corporate support, and teaching space.

GBSN promotes the expertise and interests of our members by providing a platform to communicate news and open opportunities to global audiences and share how they are innovating in management education to the benefit of their colleagues around the world. The New Member Spotlight series serves as a way for new member schools to introduce themselves to the network.