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New Member Spotlight: Florida International College of Business


Institution Profile

Florida International University’s College of Business (FIU Business)


Florida International University’s College of Business (FIU Business) has long been recognized for its global perspective. Its nearly 10,000 students and 150 faculty members represent 140 countries and the college has partnerships with 50 universities around the world. With its location in Miami, a global business center, FIU Business offers students unparalleled professional growth opportunities. U.S. News and World Report currently ranks FIU Business No. 2 among the Best Undergraduate International Business Programs and No. 12 among the Best International MBA Programs. Rated an “R1” research university by the Carnegie Classification, Florida International University has seen its research reputation grow significantly in recent years. FIU Business faculty are leaders in their fields, including international business, real estate, human resources, information technology, business analytics, healthcare management, entrepreneurship, marketing and finance.

Accreditations: AACSB, CAHME, SACS, ACCA
Dean: Joanne Li
Main Ambassadors: Sumit Kundu, Associate Dean International Programs
Jennifer Hilton Montero, Director Program Administration Global Initiatives and Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER)

Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER)

The global international business landscape is dramatically changing, with much trade now occurring directly between emerging markets such as China and Brazil. FIU’s strong expertise, connections, and programs in both Latin America and Asia ideally prepare the university to train U.S. students to operate in this new world environment, and not be bypassed. To further these efforts, FIU Business, through its Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) offers over 50 new/supporting activities focusing on three key themes. These areas represent the principal skills and opportunities that will help bring the Miami-Dade community to the frontline of international trade and competitiveness.

Network Engagement

Current Partnerships with GBSN Member Schools

FIU Business partners with many GBSN members through many different models of collaboration such as student and faculty exchange, undergraduate and graduate dual degree and articulation agreements, and memorandums of understanding facilitated by our Office of Global Initiatives. Our GBSN partners include: Monash Business School, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Antai College of Economics and Management, Universidad EAFIT, IIM Calcutta, LUISS Business School, Nagoya University of Commerce and Business, Rotterdam School of Management, CENTRUM , University of Stellenbosch, SKK Graduate School of Business, ESADE Business School, and IE Business School

Ways the institution will support the GBSN mission to improve access to quality management and entrepreneurship education for the developing world

FIU is based in Miami, Florida, USA. It has strong linkages to universities in Latin America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Through its outreach FIU Business can foster entrepreneurship education and practice.

Institutional contributions to the network platform in the first year

To collaborate with member institutions in GBSN to learn about best practices in teaching and initiating joint research projects in areas such as entrepreneurship, international business, real estate etc. FIU Business has 10,000+ students and can share knowledge with other institutions on online education and scalability.

Institutional engagement with fellow GBSN member institutions

FIU is a research driven university and the College of Business is the largest Business School in Florida, USA. It offers a large number of Graduate programs and can share its best practices with other GSBN members.

The biggest challenge facing management in your community and how the institution addresses this challenge.

The challenge for Undergraduate FIU Business students is to help them graduate in 4 years time. As most of our students are working, it takes more time to finish their education in 4 years time. We have to address this challenge and several scholarships have been created such as Deans Destination Scholarship to enable students to finish their studies.

“FIU Business is thrilled to join GBSN and its family of distinguished member schools around the world. As a leader in international business education and research, we are always seeking new opportunities to collaborate with, learn from and share knowledge with other like-minded institutions. We look forward to working with GBSN and its member schools in making meaningful impacts in business education.” – Dean Joanne Li

Program Spotlight

Each year during spring break, students who are members of the college’s International Business Honor Society (IBHS) travel to the remote village of Bandhwari in India, where they apply their international business skills in a real world setting. The village, on the outskirts of New Delhi, has a population of several thousand people, almost all of them living in poverty.


The students work with local women, who stitch colorful tote bags, which the students bring back to the U.S. and sell. The proceeds from the sales go back to the village to support local economic development and women’s empowerment. The students have also provided the Bandhwari women with lessons in bookkeeping and Excel tutorials to help make the project a sustainable one. They have also volunteered in the Bandhwari classrooms and played pickup games of soccer. They worked at a shelter for children who had been abandoned and found living in the streets, visited a home for children with HIV that delivers life-saving medicine and paid a visit to an elephant shelter. Proceeds from the sale of the tote bags made in 2020 will be used purchase a water pump for a primary school in the village where the women live. The pump will provide drinking water for hundreds of school kids. Link: https://biznews.fiu.edu/2018/05/international-business-honor-society-in-india-a-life-changing-experience-on-two-continents/

GBSN promotes the expertise and interests of our members by providing a platform to communicate news and open opportunities to global audiences and share how they are innovating in management education to the benefit of their colleagues around the world. The New Member Spotlight series serves as a way for new member schools to introduce themselves to the network.