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Student Blog: Irene Ngunjiri

My experience at St Gallen’s Summer School

EmmanuelFirst and foremost I would like to thank GBSN for awarding me a Scholarship to the course. I was a wonderful and extremely fruitful course. I am currently working on my proposal. My area of interest is public management.

I enrolled for 2 courses. The first course was Qualitative Data Analysis. It was taught by Paul Mihas. He is truly a master of the subject. Above all, the lecturer was very kind and always answered all the questions regardless of how simple they looked. I learnt a lot and I have already started applying many of the concepts and techniques that I learnt.

The other course was Mixed Methods by Johnson Burke. I simply loved this course. The course was intense and we had lots of reading to do. These readings have done me a lot of good. The class was very interactive and I learnt a lot form my classmates. One of the requirements of the course was to develop the research methodology chapter of the proposal. This was so useful for me. I have given me huge start! At the end of the course my classmates thought that the lecturer deserved a gift. We presented him with a Swiss knife.

Apart from the classes we also had excursions and outings. I went to the chocolate factory in Zurich. I had a chance to make chocolate. It was educative and at the same time fun. There were also sporting activities at the end of the day and the opportunity to go to the gym. We also had opportunities to experience the Swiss culture for example there were a number of festivals at marketplatz, a concert at the Abbey Library and Kathedral etc

Overall, this was a life changing experience both from a personal and cultural perspective. My interactions with the students in the course were quite insightful. I am still in touch with most of them. I hope that as many people s possible get the opportunity for this splendid and unforgettable experience.

Irene Ngunjiri is from Strathmore Business School.