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Student Blog – University of St. Gallen Summer School in Empirical Research Methods 2014


I had a great learning experience from attending GBSN scholarship based PhD Summer School in St. Gallen, Switzerland 2014. I took two week courses which actually enabled me to develop my own thesis methodology. The empirical testing and conceptual model building really helped me in operationalizing my own model for PhD Thesis. The courses were well co-ordinated and the instructors were extremely helpful.

I am currently working as a Senior Teaching Fellow and pursuing a PhD in Management Sciences at the Lahore School of Economics in Pakistan. Over the past four years, I have been teaching marketing and finance courses to Executive MBAs and BBAs. In addition, I have had the opportunity to present various research articles at different international conferences. I have also been able to publish a few research papers in top tier Journals.

Besides learning, I made many new friends that are from all over the world. We had the opportunity to share our research ideas with each other, which eventually helped me in research collaboration. It’s my pleasure to inform you that I am already working on two collaborative research papers with my fellows (which I met at the University of St. Gallen). This kind of scholarship great because it provides research opportunities for international PhD students, especially for those in developing countries, like Pakistan. We were also given the opportunity to share our research ideas with upcoming PhD scholars in our field of interest. I would like to thank GBSN and the University of St. Gallen for providing me such an amazing opportunity. It had allowed me to learn new methodological skills, which will benefit me in my future research work and the completion of my PhD degree.

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Aliya Bushra is currently pursuing a PhD in Business Administration Program at the Lahore School of Economics. She has successfully completed six courses and has also published few research papers in renowned journals. She had the opportunity to present and share her research with different researchers across the world (in different countries such as, London, USA, France and Dubai). Aliya applied for this workshop with the goal to get a better understanding of the different statistical techniques used and hopefully incorporate those techniques in her PhD thesis.