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Students’ COP: Fostering Sustainable Leadership and Action

The Students’ COP, a pioneering initiative of ESCA Ecole de Management and Strathmore University, part of the Business Schools for Climate Leadership (BS4CL) Africa, recently culminated in a groundbreaking event. On November 15, 2023, students from these institutions, representing the diverse voices of Africa, convened to discuss and propose solutions to climate change and sustainability challenges.Students from both ESCA Ecole de Management and Strathmore University showcased their commitment to sustainability and climate action. These young minds, nurtured under the aegis of BS4CL member institutions, brought forward a range of innovative solutions. Their proposals spanned from integrating sustainability more deeply into their curricula to transforming their campuses into models of eco-friendly practices. The emphasis was on student-driven content shaping and the necessity of cross-sector collaboration in achieving sustainability goals in Africa. This gathering showcased the potential of student-led initiatives in promoting sustainable change, setting a precedent for future student involvement in global sustainability discourse.

This event underscored the critical role of academic institutions in shaping climate-conscious leaders. Both ESCA and Strathmore, as part of BS4CL, have integrated sustainability into their educational ethos, enabling their students to understand and actively contribute to climate solutions. The workshops and discussions at the Students’ COP reflected this philosophy, offering a collaborative space for developing actionable and innovative sustainability strategies.

As we look forward, the Students’ COP, facilitated by ESCA Ecole de Management and Strathmore University, stands as a beacon of student empowerment in climate action. It not only highlights the role of educational institutions in nurturing future leaders but also demonstrates the impact of student initiatives in driving the sustainability agenda. As members of BS4CL, these institutions are at the forefront of integrating climate action into management education, inspiring their students to be proactive change-makers in the journey towards a sustainable future. 

About BS4CL Africa

BS4CL Africa is a collaborative initiative compromising six prominent African business schools: The American University in Cairo, Egypt; ESCA Ecole de Management, Morocco; the Gordon Institute of Business Science and Stellenbosch Business School in South Africa; Lagos Business School, Nigeria; and the School of Tourism and Hospitality at Strathmore University, Kenya. Formed to integrate climate action into management education, BS4CL Africa mirrors the goals of the UN Climate Conference COP27 and COP28. Launched at the COP27 Dean’s Roundtable, this alliance emphasizes sustainable business practices and nurtures leaders poised to tackle climate challenge effectively.