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Students Take a Role in Strengthening Local Communities

jasper-mcelrathGBSN member school, Great Lakes Institute of Management, has initiated a unique experiential learning project, called Karma Yoga, where students work with a number of local villages adopted by the business school.

Karma Yoga is a required program for the school’s Management students that aims to develop leadership through social responsibility.

The main objective of Karma Yoga is to connect the students with on-the-ground realities and experientially learn transformational leadership. The project involves each student visiting the assigned village and spending time with the locals to build a relationship. The objective is to enhance their self-efficacy and self-esteem of the local communities to enable them to lead a better quality of life through this empowerment. The students are engaged with different projects through participatory approaches and methods to make communities and individuals healthy, employable and enterprising.

The major success of the Karma Yoga project is that it has brought positive change among communities through the leadership of the students.

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Jasper McElrath is the Communications and Event Planning Intern at the Global Business School Network