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The GBSN Network Grows to 74 Members in 36 Countries

nina-ferugson-headshotGBSN is proud to announce the acceptance of three new schools to the network. The National University of Management, the TUM School of Management, and the American University of Nigeria join our network of 70 business schools that spans 35 countries.

GBSN fosters cross-border networking, knowledge sharing and collaboration both within our network membership and with the broader business education and development communities. The 74 member schools that lead in their respective markets have signed on to join GBSN’s mission to improve access to quality, locally relevant management education. This dynamic network catalyzes new ideas, cultivates partnerships and disseminates knowledge around the globe.

The National University of Management (NUM) is one of the leading public universities in Cambodia. NUM is committed to the importance of quality-based education and research that will facilitate Cambodia’s transition to a knowledge-based society. NUM is firmly dedicated to the development of competent and socially responsible students who have the intellectual knowledge, skills, and ethics to contribute to Cambodia’s economic development.

imgresNUM’s vision statement is “Excellence in Academics.” A vision representing the strong commitment to the importance of value based education and research. Cambodia is committed to being a part of a dynamic regional and global competitive market with a challenge to ensure graduated students have the right qualifications to help grow the country’s private and public sectors.

“I believe that GBSN can help us to meet our goals by bringing worldwide visibility, international exposure, and proven collaborative framework. As a member school, we look forward to participating in GBSN capacity building programs, expanding our network, providing leadership opportunities for our faculty, and partnering with like minded institutions around the world.”

– Hor Peng, Rector

TUM School of Management at Technical University of Munich (TUM) carries out world-class research and teaching at the interface between management and technology. TUM School of Management attracts students and researchers from all over the world, channeling their interest for innovation and technology into real products, by providing them with the management skills they require.

As one of the youngest business schools in Gerimgresmany, TUM School of Management has quickly the journeyed to the top positions of prestigious rankings, both in terms of excellence in research and in teaching. TUM’s School of Management is located at the heart of Europe, drawing international students from around the world. Teaching these students how to work in a quickly changing global economy and how to contribute to solutions for the grand societal challenges is an important expertise taught at this School.

“According to our mission, we would like to contribute to the grand societal challenges and educate responsible talents both in the developed and developing world. In this sense it would be an honor to contribute to GBSN and share its vision: For the developing world to have the management talent it needs to generate prosperity.”

-Gunther Friedl, Dean

The American University of Nigeria is committed to training exceptional leaders to meet the challenges of a changing global business environment through creative and effective solutions to the problems facing Nigeria. AUN’s international reputation continues to develop, becoming one of the most celebrated institutions in the country. Known for its innovative methodologies, and its cutting edge technology, they join GBSN with pride and excitement to contribute to important capacity building activities.

AUN’s main focus is on the challenges of sustainable development, exploring funded aun_logo_1_894809455-1research opportunities to actively engage students. Additionally, community service work with an emphasis on entrepreneurship, encouraging students to take internships, and offering study abroad opportunities, all work towards placing AUN in the forefront of higher education.

“Our close ties between the School of Business and Entrepreneurship, School of Arts and Sciences, and the School of Information Technology and Communication have ensured that our students have a well rounded and in-depth education, drawing on established American Pedagogy.”

-Margee Ensign, Presiden

GBSN is excited to add National University of Management, the American University of Nigeria, and the TUM School of Management to our prestigious network.