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The Past Four Months: A GBSN Intern’s Experience

Maia Lee Sang was the Communications & Event Planning intern for Global Business School Network in spring 2019.

After four months of interning at GBSN, it feels like I just started my first day a week ago.  There’s so much experience that I have gained in what feels like so little time, and now I have so many more skills to add to my resume.  I remember after a few weeks of working at GBSN; I spoke to my parents about some of my daily responsibilities and they replied feeling like I was enjoying myself.  And I was–I appreciated that each day in the office was different; I was able to get exposure to various projects, so work never felt repetitive and it was always so organized, so I always had something to do.  I knew the work I was doing had purpose and it was beneficial to the organization.

I didn’t know a work environment could be this casual; my standards of work culture has increased.  Being a part of a small team encouraged more interaction and incited better work relationships. Going to work was more enjoyable.  The team worked closely together, and as an intern, I felt less of an inferior and more of a helping hand. We were all helping each other.  Before coming to GBSN, I didn’t like teamwork and group collaboration, but now I look at my time here and my most vivid memories are working together with Stephanie Erskine, the Program and Network intern, on preparations for the GBSN’s 2019 Summit.

As the team helped and supported one another, GBSN gave me the opportunity to be challenged as I also had to work independently and add my judgement to projects that I assisted with.  I felt relied on and it made me feel as though I was a very essential part of the organization. We worked as a unit and I am eternally grateful for how welcoming Nicole Zefran, Fabienne Jolivert, and Dan LeClair have been during these past four months.

Working at GBSN, I feel I was receiving as much I was giving–the experience is one I will never regret and I can move forward, missing it but surely not forgetting it.

Thank you, GBSN!