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Inside GBSN: An Intern’s Experience

Stephanie Erskine was the spring Program and Network Intern at the Global Business School Network.

My experience interning with the Global Business School Network as the Program and Network Intern has been phenomenal. The opportunity greatly aided my development in working towards an International Affairs degree at the George Washington University. At GWU, I am concentrating in International Economics, and minoring in Business Administration. The work that I’ve done at GBSN has greatly influenced my studies, and has furthered my interest in the fields of Education Equality and Development.

During my time at GBSN, I worked directly with Nicole Zefran, the Communications Officer, and Fabienne Jolivert, the Director of Operations. The opportunity to work alongside Nicole and Fabienne has been instrumental to my experience at GBSN. I have learned the ins-and-outs of event planning, outreach, and research. Dan LeClair, the Chief Executive Officer, also provided me with the guidance to succeed at GBSN and beyond. Lastly, my collaboration with Maia Lee Sang, the Communications and Event Planning Intern, emphasized the importance of partnership and teamwork. I cannot thank the GBSN team enough for not only their commitment to international development, but also for their generosity and patience.

My internship with GBSN was unique in that the individuals I worked with really trusted and invested in me. The work environment at GBSN fosters creative thinking and originality in a way that prepared me for future internships, and for future employment.

I can truly see how the work that I’ve done with GBSN fits into the overall picture. My daily practices and workload contribute to the larger purpose of quality education equality. I cannot thank GBSN, and the people here, enough for the opportunity to contribute to this goal.