Meetings are hosted on the Zoom platform. Online forums are hosted in the GBSN Online Portal.


Emma Martens, emartens@gbsn.org

GBSN Impact Communities are cohorts of faculty, students, administrators, and/or professionals in industry, civil society or government that share common professional and co-curricular experiences, convened around a common subject, a research goal, theme, challenge or a series of larger questions. They amplify cooperation and engagement around the specific topic by expanding international peer to peer sharing, enhancing effectiveness, and improving impact. 


GBSN Impact Communities are designed to have the following general objectives:

Exchange best practices.

Share resources.

Facilitate collective action.

GBSN Members are invited to champion a new learning community on an area of interest.

GBSN works with each community and its champions to structure clear desired outcomes, goals, activities, resources and readings, etc. Each Impact Community typically meets virtually twice a year. GBSN supports each community with administrative resources and an online platform designed to allow community participants to connect with each other in a closed space.

Collaborative Network.

“Similar to Learning Communities, GBSN Impact Communities address the need to make higher education less transactional and more practical, collaborative, unified and all-inclusive.”

Interested in forming an Impact Community?

GBSN Members are invited to champion a new impact community on an area of interest. Topics can include Gender Diversity