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Woxsen University to launch Global Citizenship Program

Woxsen University, India is set to launch an international program aimed at developing a
holistic growth mindset preparing the future global citizens of the world.

This program shall cover pedagogies of Self, Others, World Well-being, Sustainable
Development Goals (SDGs), and Global Cultural Sensitivity to educate toward a stance of
care and concern for others and the planet and in support of sustained action toward
creating a more peaceful, just and sustainable world.

About the Global Citizenship Program:

The Global Citizenship Program is a university certificate program that invites students to cultivate an ethical stance, a critical way of thinking, and a committed mode of intervening in a world populated by others with whom we must co-create a viable future.
 It is a structured educational initiative aimed at promoting awareness, understanding, and engagement with the principles of global citizenship. We welcome students from any school or major.
 Whether you plan to be an engineer or an artist, head into the start-up world or go on to med school, we believe that a global citizenship orientation can critically inform both your personal life and professional practice. As a group, we will dive into the biggest questions humanity is grappling with:
How do we live with others, respecting difference without abandoning our beliefs or forcing others to assimilate to us? How do we find peaceful ways to disagree? How do we protect our planet and its non-human residents both now and for the future?

Program Objectives

  • To promote intercultural understanding and respect for diversity.
  • To increase awareness of global issues and the role of individuals in addressing them.
  • To develop skills in critical thinking, problem solving, and effective communication.
  • To encourage active participation in local and global communities.
  • To foster a sense of responsibility for the common good and for creating a more just and sustainable world.
  • To promote the development of personal values, ethical principles, and a sense of purpose.
  • To provide opportunities for leadership, personal growth, and cross-cultural exchange.

Modules Offered

  1. Introduction to Global Citizenship
  2. Getting Curious: Beginning to Question
  3. Co-Creating Governance: Active Citizens
  4. Blurring Boundaries: Citizens of the World
  5. Practising SDGs for a Better Tomorrow
  6. Embedding Global Cultural Sensitivity
  7. Discovering Myself: The Identity
  8. Collaborating with Others: The Dialogue
  9. Global Citizenship Capstone – 1
  10. Global Citizenship Capstone – 2


  1. The program is open for all domestic/international students (Bachelor/Master)
  2. The program is applicable to students of all streams

Upon completion of the course, students will get a Certificate of Completion by Woxsen University with 7 credits plus Global Citizen Passport.

Contact Information

Mr. Chahat Mishra
Head, International Relations and Strategic Development,
Woxsen University