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The Association of African Business Schools Pilot Accreditation Program


The Association of African Business Schools, among their many efforts to increase quality of higher education, has just launched a pilot accreditation program to benchmark the foundation for high-quality management education in Africa. AABS has made its accreditation standards to match the level of other global recognized accreditation systems used by top business schools. The differentiating element is its focus on the relevance of schools’ programs, and the level of consequential impact schools are accomplishing in society.

AABS members who are interested are expected to complete the application form and submit a self-evaluation report (SER) by April 28. School visits will take place during the second half of 2017. For more information on the AABS accreditation process, please write to the AABS Member Services Manager, Joan Egwuterai at joan@aabschools.com.

Source: http://aabschools.com/news_items/detail/331.html