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Chicago Booth MBAs Work on Real Consulting Projects to Drive Social Impact in India

GBSN member school Chicago Booth School of Business’ Global Social Impact Practicum (GSIP) takes its students out of the classroom and into the field.

Led by Chicago Booth’s Social Enterprise Initiative (SEI) and supported by Tata Trusts, a large philanthropic organization in India, the course concentrates on international development and social enterprise in emerging countries. Through this experiential learning opportunity, students explore issues of international economic development by addressing a business question posed by Tata Trusts.

MBA students are tossed into India’s business environment to work on real consulting projects that drive social and environmental change.

The course first launched in 2015. On the latest India trip, in December 2016, Chicago Booth MBAs worked to pinpoint social entrepreneurship opportunities in metropolitan areas throughout India.

The MBAs developed a plan to assist social entrepreneurs in Bhubaneswar to improve housing and sanitation conditions in the slums. At the same time the MBAs also commissioned slum-dwellers’ ability to work in waste management.

The importance of incorporating an experiential learning element into program curriculum is evident. Today’s millennial MBA students are eager to step from behind the computer and into the field to gain real experience on how to operate within the world of business.

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Nicole Zefran is the Communications and Administrative Officer at the Global Business School Network