Leadership Track

For leaders in higher education who want to lead their institutions and make a positive impact on society

GBSN Beyond is the premier global experience for business schools and universities. It involves students, faculty, and administrators in three parallel tracks and culminates in an international conference that brings the community together for meaningful discussions and activities, and fun too. 

The Leaders Track engages deans, associate/assistant deans, chairs, and directors across functions and disciplines to solve problems, as well as learn and develop leadership skills Beyond Administration.

  • Core Experience: Leadership roundtables focus on important and challenging areas of development for business schools and universities
  • Leadership development webinars and learning opportunities
  • Digital transformation workshop exclusive for deans
  • Networking opportunities
  • Participation in the virtual GBSN Annual Conference, November 9-13, 2020
  • Health & Well-Being Sessions

Participants will engage several important areas of development for business schools and our network. These take the form of roundtable discussions from which reports will be developed, discussed, and finally presented during the culminating GBSN Beyond Virtual Experience. Leaders in this track gain value by sharing ideas while working together towards recommendations.

The Future of Experiential Learning

Since content has become more accessible, experiential learning has become more essential to learning.  How do we up-our-game and provide meaningful experiences from which students learn? What have we been learning by adapting to COVID-19, when residential work on projects and internships became impossible? What new opportunities are being created by technology and new business models? How are these developments evolving in emerging economies?  These and other questions will be addressed in this roundtable.

The Role of Business Schools in Building More Inclusive Societies

Inequality has been increasing in almost every country in the world, with far-reaching consequences and largely detrimental impacts. This roundtable considers the role of business schools in fostering more inclusive growth in the communities they serve. We will explore existing efforts, including social innovation programs, financial literacy and inclusion initiatives, research collaborations, outreach programs, and other innovative programs with an eye toward scaling, collaborating, and inventing. Join this roundtable to connect with institutions that are doing their best to step up this challenge.

Entrepreneurship Ecosystems and Business Schools

How is the Fourth Industrial Revolution changing the way we think about and build entrepreneurial ecosystems? Has the gravitational pull of established hubs been weakening or getting stronger? What do the answers to these questions mean for the way academic institutions, especially business schools, interact with business, governments, and NGOs to catalyze and support entrepreneurship? What role do the Sustainable Development Goals play? What about schools in the Global South? This roundtable considers these questions and more, as participants share insights, ideas, and strategies. Join this roundtable to learn from peers around the world, as well as to help shape the future role of business schools.