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Talent for Africa: The Future Workforce – Learning and Development in the 4th Industrial Revolution

Africa’s most powerful resource is its people. In a world of shrinking working-age populations, favorable demographics point to substantial opportunity within Africa. But there is no guarantee that the demographics will translate into greater prosperity.

Join us in this session, as we tackle some of the more pressing questions related to Africa and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 

  • Does Africa have the capacity to educate the young while delivering on the growing needs for upskilling and reskilling the workforce?
  • How is technology changing the mix of knowledge and skills that African organizations need? 
  • What are the specific sector needs, such as health care, government, and finance?
  • How are new technologies, and increasing experiences in using them, creating new opportunities that make education both more effective and more accessible? 


Wednesday, 17 February 2021

  • 7:00am EST
  • 1:00pm WAT/CET
  • 2:00pm SAST
  • 3:00pm EAT


  • Rebecca Harrison

    CEO and Co-Founder
    African Management Institute
  • Enase Okonedo

    Deputy Vice-Chancellor
    Pan-Atlantic University
    Board Treasurer
  • Nick van Dam

    Director, IE Center for Corporate Learning & Talent Management
    IE University