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GBSN and The HUMLOG Institute Announces Top 5 Teams Advancing to Finalist Round in The HUMLOG Challenge

GBSN partnered with the The Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Research Institute (HUMLOG) at the Hanken School of Economics to offer a virtual student competition, The HUMLOG Challenge. 

Over the month of October, student teams from across the globe worked to identify and frame problems found in supply chains within their local communities. The winning team will win a cash prize, sponsored by the Hanken School of Economics.

The HUMLOG Challenge convened students across disciplines in a team-oriented virtual competition to drive the development of regional humanitarian logistics solutions. GBSN received 49 submissions from 16 countries, with 22 projects moving forward into the preliminary round of judging. 

“The current pandemic has brought supply chain disruptions in the limelight,” said Professor Gyöngyi Kovács. “There is much we can learn from humanitarian logistics to tackle such disruptions and respond to the pandemic. The HUMLOG Challenge supports locally rooted innovative endeavors for the COVID-19 response. Through this competition, students everywhere learn from humanitarian logistics and put their learning into direct practice in their communities.” 

GBSN and The HUMLOG Institute at the Hanken School of Economics is pleased to announce the top 5 student teams who will advance to the finalist round. Each team listed below will be pitching their solutions packages live to a panel of esteemed judges during the GBSN Beyond virtual conference. 

Team_Houston: PPE Shortage Solution Harris County, TX 

Bauer College of Business, University of Houston 

  • Derick Del Rio, Undergraduate, Management Information Systems
  • Thuy Le, Undergraduate, Supply Chain and Management Information Systems
  • Crystal Gamboa, Undergraduate, Supply Chain Management
  • Huyen Li, Undergraduate, Supply Chain Management
  • Kareen Nguyen, Undergraduate, Supply Chain and Management Information Systems

Team_QUT: Electronic Waste Solution in Colombia

Queensland University of Technology,Australia, 

  • Jeisson Adrian Valderrama Aguirre — Graduate, Management
  • Javier Ramirez Osorio, Graduate
  • Juli Katherine Villamil, Graduate
  • Kuenzang Choden , Graduate
  • Sejal Dhongde, Graduate


Solution: Water Supply Chain Solution in La Guajira, Colombia

  • From Universidad de Los Andes School of Management in Colombia, we have
  • Johary Azizi Perez Duran, Graduate, Supply Chain Management
  • Maria de los Angeles Olave Solano, Graduate, Supply Chain Management
  • Diana Carolina Amaya Giraldo, Graduate, Supply Chain Management

Team_GIM: Sugar Industry Solution in India

Goa Institute of Management, India

  • Navya Khurana, Graduate, Marketing and Finance
  • Mohamed Irfan, Graduate, Mechanical Engineering
  • Seemakshi Agarwal, Graduate, Economics
  • Nipun Allurwar, Graduate, Instrumentation and Control Engineering
  • Sartyaki Manna, Graduate, Electrical Engineering

Team_WU: Sars Cov2 Testing Solution in Vienna, Austria

Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria

  • Rucha Deshpande, Graduate, Supply Chain Management
  • Vanessa Klackl, Graduate, Supply Chain Management
  • Markus Domevscek, Graduate, Supply Chain Management
  • Michael Pesendorfer, Graduate, Supply Chain Management
  • Tobias Damberger, Graduate, Supply Chain Management

The panel of esteemed judges is led by Professor Gyöngyi Kovács, an Erkko Professor in Humanitarian Logistics from the Hanken School of Economics. Joining Prof. Kovács are Jarrod Goentzel, the Founder and Director of the MIT Humanitarian Supply Chain Lab in the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics, Sherwat Elwan Ibrahim, the Director of the MBA and EMBA at The American University in Cairo, Tina Wakolbringer, a Professor from Vienna University of Economics and Business and finally Larry St. Onge, the President of the Life Sciences and Healthcare sector at DHL. 

Motivated to address the most pressing needs of society and enabled by digital innovation, business schools have been redefining the boundaries of their work.

“It is time to lift our aspirations in business education,” said Dan LeClair, CEO of the Global Business School Network. “The HUMLOG Challenge is part of our broader efforts to engage students, faculty, and leaders in leading business schools globally in actions that positively impact society and generate inclusive and sustainable growth.” 

Many GBSN members are at the forefront of efforts to rethink business as an engine of innovation for tackling the grand challenges of society. GBSN Beyond is about the bold efforts of leading business schools to move beyond business and borders to positively impact society and generate inclusive and sustainable growth.

The first place team will be announced on Friday, November 13 at 10:00am EST.