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GBSN Grants Membership to Kardan University – 1st Member School in Afghanistan

The Global Business School Network welcomes Kardan University’s admittance as its newest member school. Kardan University is the first member school from Afghanistan, taking our network to 74 members in 37 countries. GBSN continues to the expand its global network and looks forward to engaging Kardan University in various network activities with the aim to add value to the school’s international efforts and partnerships.

Located in Kabul, Afghanistan, Kardan University has made significant strides in becoming a successful private business institution. In 2002, Kardan was established as an institute of higher education and it was registered as the first private university with Afghanistan’s Ministry of Higher Education in 2006. Since then, Kardan University has been accredited through International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE). Additionally, Kardan University has continued to strengthen their department of Business Administration, which focuses, at undergraduate and graduate levels, in Management, Accounting, Finance and Human Resources Management.

Kardan University is eager to contribute to the network by sharing vast experiences of working successfully in a post conflict environment. The school also expressed interest in collaborating with other GBSN member schools to organize different learning and development programs in Afghanistan.

“I look forward to enhancing our campus internationalization process; participating in regional and international capacity building initiatives; sharing best practices and lessons learned with other members as well as increase networking and leadership opportunities.”Murtaza Masood Niazi, Dean, Kardan University