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The Global Business School Network: Building Management Education Capacity for the Developing World

To celebrate our 12th Annual Conference, Intersections of Business Education and Economic Development, GBSN produced a short video to illustrate the organization’s mission, vision and strategy. The video features interviews with our Founder, current COO and CEO as well as various stakeholders.


For the developing world to have the management talent it needs to generate prosperity.


Build management education capacity for the developing world. GBSN harnesses the power of a global network of leading business schools to facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing, advancing management education that delivers international best practice with local relevance.


Improve access to quality, locally relevant management education. GBSN focuses on three intersecting areas of activity:

  1. Networking and Knowledge Sharing
  2. Custom Capacity Building Programs
  3. Thought Leadership

This video was produced by Vilma Zefran.