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In Memory of Nazeer Ladhani

 width=Nazeer Ladhani, a longtime member of GBSN’s Advisory Board, passed away on February 19 in Nairobi. My deepest condolences go to his family, and in particular to Aliya, his talented daughter who interned at GBSN Ð I believe it was in 2006 just as we were about to spin off from the World Bank Group. I loved Nazeer. He was a gentle man, and one of the most learned I ever met on almost any subject. People loved to listen to him speak. In 2014 he sat on a panel of business school deans and other outstanding academics at the prestigious Online Education Berlin conference. He spoke last, and the participants were so enraptured by his Renaissance Man discourse that they just didn’t want to leave; the next group who had booked the room had to wait outside until, reluctantly, he let the audience go.

Nazeer was the Aga Khan Foundation’s Higher Education Adviser, who helped setting up universities in many parts of the developing world. He and I had drinks last December in Nairobi, as we tried to do whenever we were both in town. I remember our many conversations with deep appreciation. I shall miss him very much. May he rest in peace.


Guy Pfeffermann is the Founder and Former CEO of the Global Business School Network. He currently serves on the GBSN Board of Directors.