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New Member Spotlight: University of Macau Faculty of Business Administration


Institutional Profile

University of Macau Faculty of Business Administration


The Faculty of Business Administration, University of Macau (UM-FBA) is a well-established full-service business school with internationally accredited credentials in teaching, research and business engagement combined with regional characteristics. It is located in the Pearl River Delta and the Greater Bay Area, the most economically developed region in China and one of the most prosperous areas in Asia. Since its establishment in 1989, UM-FBA has experienced fast growth in the last 30 years, produced many outstanding graduates for society, made meritorious research achievements, diversified its services to Macau and beyond, and has earned excellent international recognition for its high-quality business education (e.g. AACSB and AMBA accreditations, EFMD full membership, etc). It is a distinctive flagship business school with key responsibilities in business and management education and nurturing the leadership talents for the development of Macau and beyond as its mission states.

Accreditations: AACSB, AMBA
Dean: Jean Jinghan Chen
GBSN Ambassador: Lawrence Hoc Nang Fong, Assistant Dean (International and External Relations) width=

Network Engagement

Current Partnerships with GBSN Member Schools

UM-FBA partners with two GBSN members which are Nova School of Business and Economics and Porto Business School (University of Porto).

Ways the institution will support the GBSN mission to improve access to quality management and entrepreneurship education for the developing world

UM-FBA will support the GBSN community by actively participating in brainstorming activities and sharing insights about business development in the region that we are serving. Our institution is proud of our close links with business, and we recognize that these corporate connections and cooperation are not only opportunities for our institution’s development, but also opportunities to contribute to the society and to achieve social and economic changes. We collaborate with corporate partners in student employability, joint seminars and conferences, consultation projects, and executive education for industry leaders and professionals, especially those from developing world. We believe that such experience could be shared with other GBSN members to improve the management level and entrepreneurship education for developing countries. Our institution will also set up connections with other members to share the experience in higher education, and promote joint programs with other institutions, thus promoting and transforming management education in developing countries. We look forward to receiving innovative and insightful feedback from our peers, especially the members who are serving other regions.

Institutional contributions to the network platform in the first year

Macau is a leading gaming destination in the world. While public attention was paid primarily to the vast economic benefits brought by the gaming industry, our faculty has focused on the adverse social impact and has been working closely with various stakeholders to promote responsible gaming, sustainable tourism and green finance and governance. In the first year of our membership, we plan to set up a cross-border coffee break webinar focusing on responsible gaming knowledge and practices.

Institutional engagement with fellow GBSN member institutions

Based in Macau, which has rich connections with Portuguese-speaking countries, UM-FBA is keen on promoting collaborations between GBSN members and tertiary education institutes in these countries. Additionally, among various business-related fields, accounting, corporate governance, gaming management and tourism management are our strengths. We especially welcome research and training collaborations with the peers in these fields.

The biggest challenge facing management in your community and how the institution addresses this challenge

China’s national plan of developing the Greater Bay Area (GBA), that is the Pearl River Delta area in Asia, to a key metropolitan area in the world has drawn vast attention from businesses in the area. Riding on this opportunity, our business community is exploring initiatives that achieve synergy through increasing collaborations and integrations among partners in GBA. Being one of the leading business education institutes in the area, UM-FBA is dedicated to offering state-of-the-art knowledge to executives in the area through executive education programs. We have recently launched new degree programs, which include Doctor of Business Administration and Executive Master of Business Administration to better cater for the needs of the executives in the area.

GBSN Membership marks a major advancement in our internationalization. Through interaction and collaboration with other members, our education expertise, research strength, and innovations in higher education will be brought to the next high. We will be able to better serve the stakeholders in our region.

– Jean Jinghan Chen, Dean

Program Spotlight

Degree Program in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics: In the last two decades, “Business Intelligence” and “Data Analytics” are emerging principles for companies to stay competitive in the market. Unlike traditional ways of doing business, successful organizations now rely on important tactics that involves manipulating compound technology to sustain data-driven decision making, improvements in sales, and opportunities to expand. Many organizations, such as Facebook, Google and Alibaba and many other online shopping platforms, engage in myriad artificial intelligence and data processing to support their sales and marketing strategies.

In September of 2019, FBA launched the new BSc in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics program, which has attracted many high quality students. This program has become a flagship program at the University and commands the highest admission exam scores for entry among the whole university for taught program. This program aims at nurturing global-minded leaders and professionals to take on challenges in the complex business environment with their interdisciplinary and transformative competence. Core courses include Introduction to Business Intelligence, Programming for Business Analytics, Big Data Management, Business Data Mining and Visualization, Cyber Security and Blockchain, Machine Learning for Business Intelligence, etc. Graduates can easily fit into the business and the public sector. They may work in various organizational functions ranging from business analysts, project managers, consultants, to chief technology officers.

For more information, please visit: fba.um.edu.mo/programmes/bachelor/bscbia/.

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