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Ivey Business School Launches Six New Executive Education Programs

Business School’s New Offerings Seek to Address Trends and Threats Facing Canadian Business Community

TORONTO, ONTARIO–(Marketwired – July 13, 2017) – The Ivey Business School at Western University is pleased to announce the launch of six programs to its existing Executive Education program portfolio.

  1. Corporate Reputation Management: Reputational risk has a significant impact on an organization’s performance and position in its industry. In partnership with leading communications firm Navigator, Ivey faculty and expert practitioners deliver an immersive program that educates participants on how to plan for, respond, and recover from situations where corporate reputation is threatened.
  2. Preparing for Disruption: Disruptive innovations are changing the way consumers behave. Brands that fail to recognize and react to threats – such as Kodak, Blockbuster, and HMV – become irrelevant in the markets that they once controlled. This program will help you determine if your company or industry is vulnerable to market or technological disruption, and will assist you in harnessing the methods for successfully navigating disruption.
  3. Leading with Business Analytics: Organizations with superior analytical capabilities are best-positioned to capture market share and maximize operational efficiency. Program participants will learn how major companies are extracting value from big data to create and retain important competitive advantages. In addition, participants will be introduced to data analysis tools and frameworks and learn how to employ them in their own organizations.
  4. Mastering FinTech: Strategies for the Future: Led by the co-directors of Ivey’s own Scotiabank Digital Banking Lab, the Mastering FinTech program prepares participants for disruption from FinTech (Financial Technology) players, how to build a response plan, and ways to capitalize on the opportunities that FinTech presents. This program is particularly relevant to players in industries vulnerable to the threat of FinTech disruption: finance, banking, accounting, insurance, IT, supply chain, and e-commerce firms.
  5. Design Thinking: Driving Innovation: Business leaders are being tasked more than ever with improving the customer experience through innovation. The Design Thinking program imparts the tools needed to ideate market opportunities, prototype solutions to capitalize on those opportunities, and most importantly, to lead the organization through innovative change. These skills are crucial for Canadian businesses striving to gain a competitive edge on their global counterparts.
  6. FamilyShift: This niche program, offered in partnership with professional services firm KPMG, addresses the transition of responsibilities in family businesses from one generation to the next. Program participants will learn specific strategies for addressing growth, trust, succession planning, and next-generation family business ownership. A nomination is required as part of the application process.

“The Canadian business market has dictated to us the key competencies needed to remain relevant and successful in today’s global business environment. I’m pleased to be able to address those needs with the launch of these six programs,” said Mark Healy, Ivey’s Executive Director of Executive Education.

“These tailored Executive Education experiences are designed to address important identified trends and threats facing organizations today. For business leaders, there is no established roadmap when it comes to dealing with issues associated with reputation management, disruption, big data, new financial models, remaining competitive through the use of innovation, and family succession planning. With the research and expertise in relation to these topics that reside in-house at Ivey and with our industry partners, we’re well-positioned to address these issues and help leaders through transformative behaviour change.”

All six programs will commence in the fall of 2017 and will be delivered through Ivey’s Toronto-based Tangerine Leadership Center or London, Ontario-based Spencer Leadership Centre.

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Mark Healy
Ivey Business School