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Learning with Cases: An Interactive Study Guide


Learning with Cases can be a challenging experience for students, so The Case Centre have created an interactive study guide that will take students through the process, providing practical tips, tricks and tools.

What will students learn?

Along with understanding more about cases and the case method, they’ll learn how to:

  • analyse a case quickly and thoroughly using our practical Case Analysis Framework
  • prepare efficiently for class
  • participate in a case discussion
  • plan for assessment through cases.

They’ll also hear from our case method expert, Scott Andrews, to get a unique insight into the instructor’s point of view.

Why not assign the guide as pre-course reading so that your students arrive in their first case class ready to participate effectively!

Educators can access a free, full preview copy. Price per student £5/Û7/$6.50 per student payable by individual students or by the School.

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