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Life at Hanken – An Experience Beyond Expectations

Hi! My name is Zara and I come from Pakistan. When I applied to Hanken for the MSc. Program in Business and Management, my main motivator was the excellent reputation of the Nordic education system, but little did I know that I was about to experience not just impeccable classroom learning, but also an extra-ordinary peer-to-peer network. Working in groups with people who teach you something new every time is an experience I am truly grateful to Hanken for. One of my classmates taught me some techniques to more effectively interact with people. Yet another classmate taught me a great work-management method. The MSc. candidates at Hanken are individuals who have worked at top companies and already accomplished a lot in their professional and personal lives. They inspire you to be a better version of yourself during each and every interaction with them!

Apart from the excellent education and networking, the practical learning experience that Hanken provides is something really unique and valuable, especially for an international student like me. Knowing that I am not familiar with the Finnish language and the professional etiquette of the Finnish society, I was really scared about integrating into the working culture here, but thankfully the innumerable company projects, case studies, and seminars enlighten us with exactly what is expected of us and in which dimensions we must extend our efforts in order to succeed. Currently I am working on a case project with Hanken and SSE related to Marketing and not only is it helping me to gain more insights into the real-world application of marketing concepts but also helping me to stay connected with the managerial dimension of the work as I prepare to present my findings in a final review to the management later this month.

From enabling us to do our best work by providing us with all the needed resources to making sure that we are continuously aware and inspired by all the latest developments in business around the globe, Hanken really takes care of all the professional and personal needs of its students. It has only been less than three months since I arrived in Helsinki but I have already made some meaningful connections, worked on some rewarding projects and learned more than I ever had in such a short duration. I have even signed up for volunteering in the world’s leading startup event ‘Slush’ which happens in Helsinki every year.

There are also many international opportunities provided by Hanken, such as exchange programs and internships which the students can participate in. All in all, life at Hanken has been truly rewarding up till now and I cannot wait to make the best out of all the wonderful experiences and opportunities this place has to offer!

Zara Usmani, Master’s student, Marketing.

The Hanken School of Economics offered two scholarships to students currently studying at or alumni of GBSN member schools from developing countries who apply to and are accepted into Hanken’s 2-year Master’s Degree program in the 2019-2020 academic year. The GBSN scholars received the Hanken Premium Scholarship, which covers full tuition fee for two years and 8000 EUR/year for living expenses.  The same scholarships will be offered in the 2020-2021 academic year starting in Fall 2020. The application period will open in early 2020. More information can be found here.