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Recent News from University College Dublin (UCD)

Dr Penelope Muzanenhamo Awarded Human Relations Journal Paper of the Year 2023

UCD College of Business Assistant Professor Penelope Muzanenhamo was awarded Paper of the Year 2023 by the journal of Human Relations Journal for her research titled, ‘Epistemic injustice and hegemonic ordeal in management and organization studies: Advancing Black scholarship’. She said, “I thank the Human Relations editors and reviewers for listening to our Black voices, and showing the World that Black Lives Matter. I dedicate this award to particularly Black female scholars, who despite being traditionally the least valued academic actors and employees because of their race and gender, continue persevering with dignity and love their hearts. I have cited some of the Black female scholars’ work. Their work has given me voice, and I see every Black female scholar as a role model in one way or the other.”

Professor Susi Geiger Appointed to New World Health Organization Technical Advisory Group on Pricing Policies for Medicines

““I would like to see everyone, everywhere in the world, be able to access the medicines they need,” said Professor Susi Geiger. Professor Geiger has been appointed as an independent expert with the newest World Health Organization (WHO) Technical Advisory Group on Pricing Policies for Medicines (TAG-PPM). Professor Geiger was selected to the group as a leader in healthcare, pharmaceutical markets, market failures, patents and medicine prices. Her academic work investigates the organisation and shaping of markets, with a particular focus on how civil society contests these markets. Professor Geiger’s current research is focused on market failures and collaborative market innovation in pharmaceutical markets.

New Director Appointed to UCD Smurfit School, Professor Federica Pazzaglia

Professor Federica Pazzaglia has been appointed as the new Director of UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School and Associate Dean of UCD College of Business. She began her term on September 1, 2023.Professor Pazzaglia brings considerable academic leadership experience to the Director role of Ireland’s leading business school, notably as the Head of the College’s Management Subject Area. In addition, she has led major programme redesigns across the College’s Dublin and Singapore campuses, contributed to the development of the College’s strategic plan and served as Academic Director of the MSc in Strategic Management and the MSc in Management programmes.

UCD College of Business Contributes 250+ Research Projects to UN Sustainable Development Goals

A new project led by UCD College of Business Vice Principal of Research, Innovation and Impact Professor Andreas G. F. Hoepner reveals that UCD College of Business academics have published more than 250 papers relating to the UN Sustainable Development Goals since their launch in 2016 to the end of the first quarter in 2023.