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Strathmore Business School Invites Business Executives to the “The Silicon Savannah: A Learning Journey” Program

Learning Journey

Strathmore Business School invites business executives across the globe who seek to learn unique business models in Africa to join its “The Silicon Savannah: A Learning Journey” program in Nairobi, Kenya on January 29 – February 1, 2018.

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African economies are not only “leapfrogging” certain technologies, they are applying digital technologies differently and to create new solutions. Social innovations have disrupted whole industries in areas such as mobile financial services, e-education, the energy sector and e-health. Nairobi in Kenya is one of the African hot-spots. Known as Silicon Savannah, Nairobi hosts a vibrant start-up scene and is home e.g. to Safaricom’s M-Pesa, M-Kopa, iLab, iHub, Ushahidi and many other successful tech companies.

This compressed Learning Journey provides you with unique first-hand information on Silicon Savannah, one of Africa’s vibrant technology hubs. Company visits, featured introductions and lectures will give you an overview of:

  • What is going on
  • How it did develop
  • Why it did happen in Nairobi and Africa?

Networking opportunities will also enable future follow ups and engagement.

The program targets CEOs of mid-sized companies from across the globe, seeking to understand the business landscape and technology ecosystem, as well as political decision makers involved in economic policy, development aid and migration issues.

If the participants form a group of 20 people beforehand, the program can be customized to suit their needs.

What to Expect

A glimpse of the digital Africa will provide you with a new perspective on Africa and act as a starting point for collaborations. and partnerships. More Specifically, you will get an in-depth analysis of:

  • The African and East African economic perspective
  • Public Policy in Africa and East Africa
  • Doing business in Africa: Culture, leadership, logistics, operational challenges and opportunities
  • Technology in Africa: The possibilities and challenges

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The application deadline is December 15, 2017.

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