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Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth Joins GBSN’s Executive Board

guyThe Tuck School of Business (Dartmouth College) decided to join GBSN’s Executive Board – the premier level of membership – and so demonstrates special support for our mission. I am particularly pleased because Tuck was literally present at GBSN’s birth, represented by Joseph Massey, then Director of the School’s Center for International Business, at a 2002 meeting of seven top business schools in New York. Four years later, Tuck hosted GBSN’s first annual meeting on the theme of “Nurturing Business Education in Developing Countries”, gathering deans and senior faculty from 26 schools and 16 countries, many of who will meet again this November at our 10th Anniversary Conference in Manila.

Tuck’s commitment to the developing world has increased over the years. So for example, the School organized a very successful Africa Highlight Week in 2012 focused on business and social impact. The School has a long tradition of fielding MBA student teams, many of who select projects in developing countries. Last year, GBSN and Tuck partnered with the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) in fielding student teams to C™te d’Ivoire, South Africa, Kenya and India in an effort to evaluate nutrition programs. In the words of Kerry Laufer, Tuck Global Consultancy’s Director, “it was the most complex engagement we’ve ever tried. The scale and geographic footprint were unprecedented”.

Experiential learning is key to ensuring that business education is relevant to solving real-world problems, and running student teams effectively is an art. Tuck shared its huge experience with other schools, including developing country institutions, for example at GBSN’s last year’s annual conference in Barcelona. A team from Tuck co-hosted an international summit Ð “Learning by Doing: The Power of Experiential Learning in Management Education” – in Cairo earlier this year with the American University in Cairo School of Business and GBSN.

I extend Dean Slaughter and his team a warm welcome to our Executive Board.
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Guy Pfeffermann is the Founder & CEO of the Global Business School Network